Books That Deserve To Be Read

There are more than half a million books published each year in the US alone. Not all of them make the best seller lists. We are on a quest to find the books that deserve to be in the best seller list.

Living Resourcefully : A Handbook for Life

In ‘Living Resourcefully: A Handbook for Life,’ readers are invited on a transformative journey to conquer life’s challenges through the lens of resourcefulness.

From the outset, the book acknowledges the inherent struggle of existence, offering a refreshing perspective on overcoming obstacles. With a clear focus on actionable strategies, the author presents a framework centered around cultivating resourcefulness as a powerful tool for navigating life’s ups and downs. Unlike conventional self-help books filled with anecdotes and fluff, this handbook delves straight into the heart of the matter, providing practical insights and concrete steps for building resourcefulness.

Through a thoughtful exploration of various aspects of resourcefulness, readers learn to harness their inner strengths and leverage external resources to thrive in the face of adversity. Whether grappling with career transitions, relationship challenges, or personal growth, ‘Living Resourcefully’ offers invaluable guidance for anyone seeking to live a more empowered and fulfilling life.

Anna and the Missing Child

A young girl in a magical world. An invisible power attacking. Will she prevent a tragedy?

Anna Cameron feels uprooted. The day has come for the ten-year-old to begin her studies at Quentin Academy, however, because home is best, she rebels against flying to school.
But at last, she flies. On her first day, she meets a girl with intense blue eyes. Inexplicably, this girl exudes on Anna an uncanny influence.
Watching that girl invade her family, Anna fears her parents falling under her spell.
Prevented from maintaining harmony in her family by the uncanny girl’s constant presence, Anna watches in horror as a child disappears, plunging her peaceful home into chaos.
Can Anna and her loyal friends find and rescue the missing child, or will they suffer a terrible loss?

The Nazi Conspiracy: The Secret Plot to Kill Roosevelt, Stalin, and Churchill

INSTANT NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER”An absolute home run! You will never
look at WWII the same way again.” ―Brad Thor, #1 bestselling author”Meltzer
and Mensch are masters.” ―Jon Meacham, author The Soul of America”A true
story that reads like a thriller.” ―Alexander S. Vindman, LT. Col., U.S.
Army (Ret.)”An outstanding and memorable reading experience….a true
page-turner from beginning to end.” ―Bookreporter.comFrom the New York
Times bestselling authors of The First Conspiracy and The Lincoln
Conspiracy comes the little-known true story of a Nazi plot to kill FDR,
Joseph Stalin, and Winston Churchill at the height of World War II.In 1943,
as the war against Nazi Germany raged abroad, President Franklin Roosevelt
had a critical goal: a face-to-face sit-down with his allies Joseph Stalin
and Winston Churchill. This first-ever meeting of the Big Three in Tehran,
Iran, would decide some of the most crucial strategic details of the war.
Yet when the Nazis found out about the meeting, their own secret plan took
shape―an assassination plot that would’ve changed history.A true story
filled with daring rescues, body doubles, and political intrigue, The Nazi
Conspiracy details FDR’s pivotal meeting in Tehran and the deadly Nazi plot
against the heads of state of the three major Allied powers who attended
it.With all the hallmarks of a Brad Meltzer and Josh Mensch page-turner,
The Nazi Conspiracy explores the great political minds of the twentieth
century, investigating the pivotal years of the war in gripping detail.
This meeting of the Big Three changed the course of World War II. Here’s
the inside story of how it almost led to a world-shattering disaster. Read more

The Good Life: Lessons from the World’s Longest Scientific Study of Happiness

What makes for a happy life, a fulfilling life? A good life? According to
the directors of the Harvard Study of Adult Development, the longest
scientific study of happiness ever conducted, the answer to these questions
may be closer than you realize. What makes a life fulfilling and
meaningful? The simple but surprising answer is: relationships. The
stronger our relationships, the more likely we are to live happy,
satisfying, and overall healthier lives. In fact, the Harvard Study of
Adult Development reveals that the strength of our connections with others
can predict the health of both our bodies and our brains as we go through
life. The invaluable insights in this book emerge from the revealing
personal stories of hundreds of participants in the Harvard Study as they
were followed year after year for their entire adult lives, and this wisdom
is bolstered by research findings from this and many other studies.
Relationships in all their forms—friendships, romantic partnerships,
families, coworkers, tennis partners, book club members, Bible study
groups—all contribute to a happier, healthier life. And as The Good Life
shows us, it’s never too late to strengthen the relationships you have, and
never too late to build new ones. Dr. Waldinger’s TED Talk about the
Harvard Study, “What Makes a Good Life,” has been viewed more than 42
million times and is one of the ten most-watched TED talks ever. The Good
Life has been praised by bestselling authors Jay Shetty (“Robert Waldinger
and Marc Schulz lead us on an empowering quest towards our greatest need:
meaningful human connection”), Angela Duckworth (“In a crowded field of
life advice and even life advice based on scientific research, Schulz and
Waldinger stand apart”), and happiness expert Laurie Santos (“Waldinger and
Schulz are world experts on the counterintuitive things that make life
meaningful”). With warmth, wisdom, and compelling life stories, The Good
Life shows us how we can make our lives happier and more meaningful through
our connections to others. Read more

Straight Shooter: A Memoir of Second Chances and First Takes

America’s most popular sports media figure tells it like it is in this
surprisingly personal book, not only dishing out his signature, uninhibited
opinions but also revealing the challenges he overcame in childhood as well
as at ESPN, and who he really is when the cameras are off.Stephen A. Smith
has never been handed anything, nor was he an overnight success. Growing up
poor in Queens, the son of Caribbean immigrants and the youngest of six
children, he was a sports-obsessed kid who faced a number of struggles,
from undiagnosed dyslexia to getting enough cereal to fill his bowl. As a
basketball player at Winston-Salem State University, he got a glimmer of
his true calling when he wrote a newspaper column arguing for the
retirement of his own Hall of Fame coach, Clarence Gaines. Smith hustled
and rose up from a high school reporter at Daily News (New York) to a
general sports columnist at The Philadelphia Inquirer in the 1990s, before
getting his own show at ESPN in 2005. After he was unceremoniously fired
from the network in 2009, he became even more determined to fight for
success. He got himself rehired two years later and, with his razor-sharp
intelligence and fearless debate style, found his role on the show he was
destined to star in: First Take, the network’s flagship morning program. In
Straight Shooter, Smith writes about the greatest highs and deepest lows of
his life and career. He gives his thoughts on Skip Bayless, Ray Rice, Colin
Kaepernick, the New York Knicks, the Dallas Cowboys, and former President
Donald Trump. But he also pulls back the curtain and talks about life
beyond the set, sharing authentic stories about his negligent father, his
loving mother, being a father himself, his battle with life-threatening
COVID-19, and what he really thinks about politics and social issues. He
does it all with the same intelligence, humor, and charm that has made him
a household name. Provocative, moving, and eye-opening, this book is the
perfect gift for lovers of sports, television, and anyone who likes their
stories delivered straight to the heart. Read more

The Creative Act: A Way of Being

The #1 New York Times bestseller.From the legendary music producer, a
master at helping people connect with the wellsprings of their creativity,
comes a beautifully crafted book many years in the making that offers that
same deep wisdom to all of us.”A gorgeous and inspiring work of art on
creation, creativity, the work of the artist. It will gladden the hearts of
writers and artists everywhere, and get them working again with a new sense
of meaning and direction. A stunning accomplishment.” —Anne Lamott“I set
out to write a book about what to do to make a great work of art. Instead,
it revealed itself to be a book on how to be.” —Rick RubinMany famed music
producers are known for a particular sound that has its day. Rick Rubin is
known for something else: creating a space where artists of all different
genres and traditions can home in on who they really are and what they
really offer. He has made a practice of helping people transcend their
self-imposed expectations in order to reconnect with a state of innocence
from which the surprising becomes inevitable. Over the years, as he has
thought deeply about where creativity comes from and where it doesn’t, he
has learned that being an artist isn’t about your specific output, it’s
about your relationship to the world. Creativity has a place in everyone’s
life, and everyone can make that place larger. In fact, there are few more
important responsibilities.The Creative Act is a beautiful and generous
course of study that illuminates the path of the artist as a road we all
can follow. It distills the wisdom gleaned from a lifetime’s work into a
luminous reading experience that puts the power to create moments—and
lifetimes—of exhilaration and transcendence within closer reach for all of
us. Read more

The Light We Carry: Overcoming in Uncertain Times

In an inspiring follow-up to her critically acclaimed, #1 bestselling
memoir Becoming, former First Lady Michelle Obama shares practical wisdom
and powerful strategies for staying hopeful and balanced in today’s highly
uncertain world. There may be no tidy solutions or pithy answers to life’s
big challenges, but Michelle Obama believes that we can all locate and lean
on a set of tools to help us better navigate change and remain steady
within flux. In The Light We Carry, she opens a frank and honest dialogue
with readers, considering the questions many of us wrestle with: How do we
build enduring and honest relationships? How can we discover strength and
community inside our differences? What tools do we use to address feelings
of self-doubt or helplessness? What do we do when it all starts to feel
like too much? Michelle Obama offers readers a series of fresh stories and
insightful reflections on change, challenge, and power, including her
belief that when we light up for others, we can illuminate the richness and
potential of the world around us, discovering deeper truths and new
pathways for progress. Drawing from her experiences as a mother, daughter,
spouse, friend, and First Lady, she shares the habits and principles she
has developed to successfully adapt to change and overcome various
obstacles—the earned wisdom that helps her continue to “become.” She
details her most valuable practices, like “starting kind,” “going high,”
and assembling a “kitchen table” of trusted friends and mentors. With
trademark humor, candor, and compassion, she also explores issues connected
to race, gender, and visibility, encouraging readers to work through fear,
find strength in community, and live with boldness. “When we are able to
recognize our own light, we become empowered to use it,” writes Michelle
Obama. A rewarding blend of powerful stories and profound advice that will
ignite conversation, The Light We Carry inspires readers to examine their
own lives, identify their sources of gladness, and connect meaningfully in
a turbulent world. Read more

How Fascism Works: The Politics of Us and Them

“No single book is as relevant to the present moment.”—Claudia Rankine,
author of Citizen“One of the defining books of the decade.”—Elizabeth
Hinton, author of From the War on Poverty to the War on CrimeNEW YORK TIMES
BOOK REVIEW EDITORS’ CHOICE • With a new preface • Fascist politics are
running rampant in America today—and spreading around the world. A Yale
philosopher identifies the ten pillars of fascist politics, and charts
their horrifying rise and deep history. As the child of refugees of World
War II Europe and a renowned philosopher and scholar of propaganda, Jason
Stanley has a deep understanding of how democratic societies can be
vulnerable to fascism: Nations don’t have to be fascist to suffer from
fascist politics. In fact, fascism’s roots have been present in the United
States for more than a century. Alarmed by the pervasive rise of fascist
tactics both at home and around the globe, Stanley focuses here on the
structures that unite them, laying out and analyzing the ten pillars of
fascist politics—the language and beliefs that separate people into an “us”
and a “them.” He knits together reflections on history, philosophy,
sociology, and critical race theory with stories from contemporary Hungary,
Poland, India, Myanmar, and the United States, among other nations. He
makes clear the immense danger of underestimating the cumulative power of
these tactics, which include exploiting a mythic version of a nation’s
past; propaganda that twists the language of democratic ideals against
themselves; anti-intellectualism directed against universities and experts;
law and order politics predicated on the assumption that members of
minority groups are criminals; and fierce attacks on labor groups and
welfare. These mechanisms all build on one another, creating and
reinforcing divisions and shaping a society vulnerable to the appeals of
authoritarian leadership. By uncovering disturbing patterns that are as
prevalent today as ever, Stanley reveals that the stuff of politics—charged
by rhetoric and myth—can quickly become policy and reality. Only by
recognizing fascists politics, he argues, may we resist its most harmful
effects and return to democratic ideals.“With unsettling insight and
disturbing clarity, How Fascism Works is an essential guidebook to our
current national dilemma of democracy vs. authoritarianism.”—William Jelani
Cobb, author of The Substance of Hope Read more

The January 6th Report

Celadon Books and The New Yorker present the report by the Select
Committee to Investigate the Jan 6 Attack on the United States Capitol.On
January 6, 2021, insurgents stormed the U.S. Capitol, an act of domestic
terror without parallel in American history, designed to disrupt the
peaceful transfer of power. In a resolution six months later, the House of
Representatives called it “one of the darkest days of our democracy,” and
established a special committee to investigate how and why the attack
happened.Celadon Books, in collaboration with The New Yorker, presents the
committee’s final report, the definitive account of January 6th and what
led up to it, based on more than a year of investigation by nine members of
Congress and committee staff, with a preface by David Remnick, the editor
of The New Yorker and a winner of the Pulitzer Prize, and an epilogue by
Congressman Jamie Raskin of Maryland, a member of the committee. Read more

The Mountain Is You: Transforming Self-Sabotage Into Self-Mastery

This is a book about self-sabotage. Why we do it, when we do it, and how
to stop doing it—for good. Coexisting but conflicting needs create
self-sabotaging behaviors. This is why we resist efforts to change, often
until they feel completely futile. But by extracting crucial insight from
our most damaging habits, building emotional intelligence by better
understanding our brains and bodies, releasing past experiences at a
cellular level, and learning to act as our highest potential future selves,
we can step out of our own way and into our potential. For centuries, the
mountain has been used as a metaphor for the big challenges we face,
especially ones that seem impossible to overcome. To scale our mountains,
we actually have to do the deep internal work of excavating trauma,
building resilience, and adjusting how we show up for the climb. In the
end, it is not the mountain we master, but ourselves. Read more

The Cabinet of Dr. Leng (Agent Pendergast Series Book 21)

Preston & Child continue their #1 bestselling series featuring FBI Special
Agent Pendergast and Constance Greene, as they cross paths with New York’s
deadliest serial killer: Pendergast’s own ancestor…and now his greatest
foe.AN INCREDIBLE JOURNEY Astoundingly, Constance has found a way back to
the place of her origins, New York City in the late 1800s, leaping at the
chance, although it means leaving the present forever.A DESPERATE
OPPORTUNITY Constance sets off on a quest to prevent the events that lead
to the deaths of her sister and brother. But along the road to redemption,
Manhattan’s most infamous serial killer, Dr. Enoch Leng, lies in wait,
ready to strike at the slightest provocation.UNIMAGINABLE ODDS Meanwhile,
in contemporary New York, Pendergast feverishly searches for a way to
reunite with Constance—but will he discover a way back to her before it’s
too late? Read more

My Thoughts on how to be better each and every day | 6 x9 Lined Journal with 120 Pages

Each day we better a chance to be our best selves. This journal is a 6 x 9
lined journal that allows you to record your thoughts or bookish notes on
how to be better each day. I love self-help books and often use journals to
record the gems that I read. I know you will love this journal. This is
also a great book to gift someone special in your life. My Thoughts on how
to be better each and every day 6 x9 Lined Journal with 120 Pages Read more

He Who Fights with Monsters 8: A LitRPG Adventure

After a much longed-for reunion, Jason Asano works on moving past old
traumas as he looks to a brighter future.Despite warnings of dangers
awaiting him in the future, he gets back in the saddle as an adventurer,
ready to tackle new challenges. Those challenges are not hard to find as
enemies that have lurked in the background start moving into the
light.Jason and his friends don’t wait passively and use schemes of their
own to take the fight to the enemy. Jason’s companions find themselves
plunged into dangerous missions and confronted with enemies both personal
and unexpected. Jason will push new boundaries, and while it comes at a
cost, it will move him deeper into the realms of cosmic power.Book 8 in the
bestselling He Who Fights With Monsters Series is here. Grab your copy
today!About the series: Experience an isekai culture clash as a laid-back
Australian finds himself in a very serious world. See him gain suspiciously
evil powers through a unique progression system combining cultivation and
traditional LitRPG elements. Enjoy a weak-to-strong story with a main
character who earns his power without overshadowing everyone around him,
with plenty of loot, adventurers, gods and magic. Rich characters and
world-building offer humor, political intrigue and slice-of-life elements
alongside lots of monster fighting and adventure. Read more

Echoes in my attic

This book consists of 20 therapeutic poems targeting young readers who are undergoing mental trauma and depression. Each verse of this book has an emotion attached to it. echoes in my attic shows the emotions and thoughts running through the brain which are like the noises in the attic, a small sound reverberates many times in the attic. Similarly, same thoughts and emotions play repeatedly in our brain.

These poems convey thoughts and emotions play.emotions, thoughts and feelings which echo in the mind. Flipping through these pages one can feel

I am now 25 years old working for an insurance company. My passion for writing began when I won a global essay award in 2015 when I shared my father’s cancer survival story. This is my second book which I wrote after recognizing my talent.

I had a difficult teenage life, and with that experience she takes up various topics and relates them to life and talks about them.

A World of Curiosities: A Novel (Chief Inspector Gamache Novel, 18)

Chief Inspector Armand Gamache returns in the eighteenth book in #1 New
York Times bestseller Louise Penny’s beloved series.It’s spring and Three
Pines is reemerging after the harsh winter. But not everything buried
should come alive again. Not everything lying dormant should reemerge. But
something has.As the villagers prepare for a special celebration, Armand
Gamache and Jean-Guy Beauvoir find themselves increasingly worried. A young
man and woman have reappeared in the Sûreté du Québec investigators’ lives
after many years. The two were young children when their troubled mother
was murdered, leaving them damaged, shattered. Now they’ve arrived in the
village of Three Pines. But to what end?Gamache and Beauvoir’s memories of
that tragic case, the one that first brought them together, come rushing
back. Did their mother’s murder hurt them beyond repair? Have those
terrible wounds, buried for decades, festered and are now about to erupt?As
Chief Inspector Gamache works to uncover answers, his alarm grows when a
letter written by a long dead stone mason is discovered. In it the man
describes his terror when bricking up an attic room somewhere in the
village. Every word of the 160-year-old letter is filled with dread. When
the room is found, the villagers decide to open it up. As the bricks are
removed, Gamache, Beauvoir and the villagers discover a world of
curiosities. But the head of homicide soon realizes there’s more in that
room than meets the eye. There are puzzles within puzzles, and hidden
messages warning of mayhem and revenge. In unsealing that room, an old
enemy is released into their world. Into their lives. And into the very
heart of Armand Gamache’s home. Read more

Tangled in Tinsel: a holiday novella (a holidates series)

Imagine being snowed in with four hot successful men.P.S. they’ve all
played the hero in too many of your naughtiest dreams.Problem is, you work
for them, and that makes them off-limits.Except now they’re looking at you
like you’re Santa’s cookies.And they definitely want to take a bite. Talk
about making you reconsider your life choices.These four are aiming for
Santa’s naughty list, and I’m pretty sure I’m getting:JaceReedAlec…and
Colefor Christmas.It might’ve started as a decorating job.But it ended
Tangled in Tinsel. Read more

Horse: A Novel

“Brooks’ chronological and cross-disciplinary leaps are thrilling.” —The
New York Times Book Review “Horse isn’t just an animal story—it’s a moving
narrative about race and art.” —TIME“A revelation . . . [the] best horse
book I’ve ever read.” —Jane Smiley, The New York Times Book ReviewA
discarded painting in a junk pile, a skeleton in an attic, and the greatest
racehorse in American history: from these strands, a Pulitzer Prize winner
braids a sweeping story of spirit, obsession, and injustice across American
historyKentucky, 1850. An enslaved groom named Jarret and a bay foal forge
a bond of understanding that will carry the horse to record-setting
victories across the South. When the nation erupts in civil war, an
itinerant young artist who has made his name on paintings of the racehorse
takes up arms for the Union. On a perilous night, he reunites with the
stallion and his groom, very far from the glamor of any racetrack. New
York City, 1954. Martha Jackson, a gallery owner celebrated for taking
risks on edgy contemporary painters, becomes obsessed with a
nineteenth-century equestrian oil painting of mysterious
provenance. Washington, DC, 2019. Jess, a Smithsonian scientist from
Australia, and Theo, a Nigerian-American art historian, find themselves
unexpectedly connected through their shared interest in the horse—one
studying the stallion’s bones for clues to his power and endurance, the
other uncovering the lost history of the unsung Black horsemen who were
critical to his racing success. Based on the remarkable true story of the
record-breaking thoroughbred Lexington, Horse is a novel of art and
science, love and obsession, and our unfinished reckoning with racism. Read more

We Lie Here: A Thriller

A woman’s trip home reveals frightening truths in a twisty novel of murder
and family secrets by the New York Times bestselling author of And Now
She’s Gone and These Toxic Things.TV writer Yara Gibson’s hometown of
Palmdale, California, isn’t her first choice for a vacation. But she’s back
to host her parents’ twentieth-anniversary party and find the perfect
family mementos for the celebration. Everything is going to plan until Yara
receives a disturbing text: I have information that will change your
life.The message is from Felicia Campbell, who claims to be a childhood
friend of Yara’s mother. But they’ve been estranged for years―drama best
ignored and forgotten. But Yara can’t forget Felicia, who keeps texting,
insisting that Yara talk to her “before it’s too late.”But the next day is
already too late for Felicia, whose body is found floating in Lake
Palmdale. Before she died, Felicia left Yara a key to a remote lakeside
cabin. In the basement are files related to a mysterious tragedy, unsolved
since 1998. What secrets was Felicia hiding? How much of what Yara knows
about her family has been true?The deeper Yara digs for answers, the more
she fears that Felicia was right. Uncovering the truth about what happened
at the cabin all those years ago will change Yara’s life―or end it. Read more

The Tools: 5 Tools to Help You Find Courage, Creativity, and Willpower–and Inspire You to Live Life in Forward Motion

The groundbreaking New York Times bestseller featuring five uniquely
effective tools to help you embrace your shadow, learn the secret of true
confidence, and bring about dynamic personal growth—as seen on goopPhil
Stutz and Barry Michels’s tools are featured in Stutz, a Netflix original
documentary directed by Jonah Hill and co-produced by Joaquin PhoenixThe
Tools offers a solution to the biggest complaint patients have about
therapy: the interminable wait for change to begin. The traditional
therapeutic model sets its sights on the past, but Phil Stutz and Barry
Michels employ an arsenal of techniques—“the tools”—that allow patients to
use their problems as levers that access the power of the unconscious and
propel them into action. Suddenly, through this transformative approach,
obstacles become opportunities—to find courage, embrace discipline, develop
self-expression, deepen creativity. For years, Stutz and Michels taught
these techniques to an exclusive patient base, but with The Tools, their
revolutionary, empowering practice becomes available to every reader
interested in realizing the full range of their potential. The authors’
goal is nothing less than for your life to become exceptional—exceptional
in its resiliency, in its experience of real happiness, and in its
understanding of the human spirit.“An ‘open secret’ in Hollywood . . .
[Stutz and Michels] have developed a program designed to access the
creative power of the unconscious.”—The New Yorker Read more

Eager 2 Cook, Healthy Recipes for Healthy Living: Beef & Poultry

Are you looking for healthy recipes that are easy, healthy, and delicious?
Our cookbooks are filled with colorful food photos, easy-to-follow recipes,
and typical ingredients you may already have at home! The Beef & Poultry
cookbook is the debut book of its series from the wildly popular online E2M
Fitness program. It features many of your comfort food favorites with
lighter ingredients like Meatballs, Korean Beef bowl, Stuffed Zucchini, and
family style recipes everyone will love! Also included are scratch
seasoning blends and salad dressing recipes!E2M Fitness program is an
online weight-loss program that has helped over 150,000 members lose weight
and meet their fitness goals while sticking to whole, nutrient-dense foods.
No shakes, no supplements, or pills. Our recipes offer maximum nutrition
using lean proteins, vegetables, and healthy fats. Many recipes can be
prepped in less than 20 minutes and include meal planning tips to help you
stay on track with your health and wellness goals.This cookbook features
several of our mind-blowing Before and After photos and testimonials of
clients who followed the recipes and fitness plan. Be sure to look out for
our other books coming soon! Seafoods & Salads, Vegan and Brunch &
Mocktails in 2023!Our paperback version includes journaling pages, meals &
fitness trackers. The Amazon kindle version does not support this type of
content. Please purchase a paperback if you value this addition. The Eager
2 Cook(TM) Cookbook Series is an incredible resource of delicious, healthy,
low-carb, gluten-free, dairy-free meals that every home cook will love. Read more

The House in the Pines: A Novel

“This is an absolute, can’t-put-it-down thriller…It’s truly a wild ride
that had me flying through chapter after chapter—which I think is the
perfect way to kick off your year of reading.” —Reese Witherspoon (Reese’s
Book Club Jan ’23 Pick)Armed with only hazy memories, a woman who long ago
witnessed her friend’s sudden, mysterious death, and has since spent her
life trying to forget, sets out to track down answers. What she uncovers,
deep in the woods, is hardly to be believed….Maya was a high school
senior when her best friend, Aubrey, mysteriously dropped dead in front of
the enigmatic man named Frank whom they’d been spending time with all
summer. Seven years later, Maya lives in Boston with a loving boyfriend
and is kicking the secret addiction that has allowed her to cope with what
happened years ago, the gaps in her memories, and the lost time that she
can’t account for. But her past comes rushing back when she comes across a
recent YouTube video in which a young woman suddenly keels over and dies in
a diner while sitting across from none other than Frank. Plunged into the
trauma that has defined her life, Maya heads to her Berkshires hometown to
relive that fateful summer—the influence Frank once had on her and the
obsessive jealousy that nearly destroyed her friendship with Aubrey. At
her mother’s house, she excavates fragments of her past and notices hidden
messages in her deceased Guatemalan father’s book that didn’t stand out to
her earlier. To save herself, she must understand a story written before
she was born, but time keeps running out, and soon, all roads are leading
back to Frank’s cabin…. Utterly unique and captivating, The House in
the Pines keeps you guessing about whether we can ever fully confront the
past and return home. Read more

The Crossing (Detective Louise Blackwell, 1)

An Amazon Charts bestseller.In a small town full of secrets, everyone’s a
suspect.When a body is discovered, bled dry on a beach, the sleepy seaside
town of Weston-super-Mare wakes up to a nightmare. For Detective Inspector
Louise Blackwell, recently transferred to the town she last saw as a child,
it’s her first case on the job.The victim―Veronica Lloyd, an elderly
volunteer at a local church―has puncture wounds to her hands. When a priest
is found killed in a nearby church in a similarly grisly condition, it
becomes clear that Blackwell is dealing with a righteous and bloody
murderer. But the victims aren’t random. The killer has a vendetta and is
hell-bent on exacting twisted revenge for a dark secret dating back
years―and there are more murders planned.As the body count rises, Blackwell
faces a race against time to solve the mystery of the murderer’s identity
and put an end to the carnage. She thought she knew Weston, but the town
holds more secrets than she’d ever have imagined. Who can she trust and who
knows more than they are letting on?She must discover the crimes that unite
the victims―before it’s too late. Read more