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The short answer is through smartly targeted website audience!

The Long Answer …

Readers are as individual as the writers they love. When a handful of books are selected by few individuals on behalf of thousands of website visitors, there isn’t always a match in taste. Whether a book will be liked by the audience or not becomes hit and miss. Sooner or later, the discerning, subscribing audience lose confidence in the recommendations. 
Booksloom have come up with a unique solution for this dilemma of authors and readers alike…

Booksloom’s SOLUTION …

Progressively Proven Promotion!

A unique approach to introduce a book to a mass audience.

Tiered, incremental promotion means we help authors start with a small audience to begin with, then progressively increase the reach based on the signals we receive from the previous tier. By analysing responses from our website visitors, we have more proof of receptiveness to particular content or styles of writing…

As an author, simply believe in yourself and the power of web marketing, employed by tens of thousands of professionals, across a massive array of industries, by paying a small one off fee to increase your chances of being discovered by your ideal reader.

Of course, results rest on how well your book is received by your new audience, but our system helps you filter through to your likely readership.

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Three Easy Steps

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Register with Booksloom to get started in finding your targeted readers.  No payment details are needed for initial registration. 

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This is the most critical part of the process, so harness your passion for writing to accurately tell the story of what makes your book a compelling read. Write for the readers who might want to buy your book.

3. Make The Payment

Once your book is reviewed, it'll be live on site within 24 hours.

4.Sit back & Relax

A feature on the BooksLoom website Includes:

  • Your book will be featured on our frontpage with link to Amazon.

  • The book's spot on the frontpage and it’s genre page will be determined by the number of votes it receives.

  • Not time limited - your book will be listed permanently on this site.

  • If it receives enough votes, your book will be featured in our weekly newsletter which goes out to thousands active subscribers.

  • In 2020 our website attracted 10,000 unique visitors and got 37,000 page views. Your book will be on show to an audience that is worth the money you pay.

  • BooksLoom Promotion Price: $55

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    Frequently Asked Questions:

  • How long will my book remain on the front page?

    - The book's spot on the frontpage and it’s genre page will be determined by the number of votes it receives.

  • The price seems too good to be true?

    - Price is determined by the number of books we plan to accept each month and the number of visitors we receive. We can limit the number of submissions by increasing the price but it defeats the purpose of discovering new books.

  • Can I submit a book twice?

    - No. Our promise to the readers is to help discover new books. Unless all the books are given equal chance the premise won't work.

  • When will my book live on the site?

    - We need 24 hours to review the book and publish.

  • Does my book have to have a set number of reviews?

    - No.
    While some book sites limit entry to books with 10 or more Amazon reviews, we feel this is unnecessary. If our readers want to filter results based on total number of reviews or average ratings, they can do so in their reader preferences.
    However, there are many great books which have not yet accumulated many reviews and as such, when excluded from book promotion sites, their authors may then find themselves in a chicken and egg scenario - unable to get the exposure necessary to garner more reviews because they don't yet have enough reviews.
    This is the reason why BooksLoom came to be. To help the new author trying to get noticed and sell more books.

  • What happens after I submit my book?

    - After you submit your book you will get an email letting you know your submission was delivered to us. We go in and check your submission for typos etc and then upload it to the site. This may take a day at most. After your book goes live on our site we will let you know when it goes live.

  • How can we help spread the news about BooksLoom?

    - Follow us and “like” us on social media Twitter, Facebook, Instagram. If you know of a site that has a resources page please let them know about us. If you have a website for your book (Which you should) add our button to your site and let the world know you have been featured on our site. Anything you can do to help us get the word out is highly appreciated.

  • Amazon only has 60 - 70% of the market. Why don't you provide links to other retailers in order to cater to the other 30 - 40%?

    - Although this percentage is probably accurate, at least in terms of current sales, it doesn't mean that the remaining 30 - 40% are not also available on Amazon. In fact we believe that virtually every book worth buying is either already, or very soon going to be listed on Amazon. Amazon also has great international coverage and is one of the few, if not the only book seller currently returning consistently healthy growth in market share. Also, by aligning closely with this 800lb gorilla of the book marketplace, we can greatly simplify the process of submitting and selecting books for our members. This isn't to say that we will never support other book retailers, just that right now, we feel the needs of our members are best served by remaining exclusive to Amazon.

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