Andrew J


Blessing of the gods: The gorgans

After the arrival of the elves, the gorgans’ numbers have been devastated and vast swathes of their land lost to these pint-sized invaders.
In a desperate attempt to save his children, Mortis, the god of the gorgans sends the mother of all gorgans to the mortal realm who bequeaths a chosen gorgan with a powerful orb which can raise and control the dead.
The chosen gorgan, Haque, musters the remaining clans and with an army of the dead, the gorgans reignite their war with the elves in a last desperate attempt to purge their land of their conquerors. However, with the mother of all gorgans no longer in the realm of the gods, Haque and his brothers face a stark reality that they will never receive any children again and the ultimate question lingers within each gorgan: How much are they willing to sacrifice for the love of their god?