Robert Paul

I was born in New Mexico to an abusive and promiscuous mother and faced a life no child should endure. My mother's tirades and a constant stream of men created chaos and confusion in my young life. It stole the most precious part of my youth and threw me into a miserable world which I only navigated with the help of a loving grandmother and aunt. In Asleep (Drifting) Book One, the narrative takes you into my devastating world, introduces you to my life horrors, and fills the reader with a subtle rise of hope. If you dare, take a ride with me and learn about my rough and tragic story, how I found solace in all the wrong places. The rawness and innermost thoughts will at times scare you, make you cry, and even elicit an occasional laugh or two. Most importantly, it will inspire those who love a story about redemption and hope. It shows how one man rises above the horrible hand he was dealt with and uses that misery to better humanity—a truly remarkable journey.


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