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Living Resourcefully : A Handbook for Life

In ‘Living Resourcefully: A Handbook for Life,’ readers are invited on a transformative journey to conquer life’s challenges through the lens of resourcefulness.

From the outset, the book acknowledges the inherent struggle of existence, offering a refreshing perspective on overcoming obstacles. With a clear focus on actionable strategies, the author presents a framework centered around cultivating resourcefulness as a powerful tool for navigating life’s ups and downs. Unlike conventional self-help books filled with anecdotes and fluff, this handbook delves straight into the heart of the matter, providing practical insights and concrete steps for building resourcefulness.

Through a thoughtful exploration of various aspects of resourcefulness, readers learn to harness their inner strengths and leverage external resources to thrive in the face of adversity. Whether grappling with career transitions, relationship challenges, or personal growth, ‘Living Resourcefully’ offers invaluable guidance for anyone seeking to live a more empowered and fulfilling life.

Anna and the Missing Child

A young girl in a magical world. An invisible power attacking. Will she prevent a tragedy?

Anna Cameron feels uprooted. The day has come for the ten-year-old to begin her studies at Quentin Academy, however, because home is best, she rebels against flying to school.
But at last, she flies. On her first day, she meets a girl with intense blue eyes. Inexplicably, this girl exudes on Anna an uncanny influence.
Watching that girl invade her family, Anna fears her parents falling under her spell.
Prevented from maintaining harmony in her family by the uncanny girl’s constant presence, Anna watches in horror as a child disappears, plunging her peaceful home into chaos.
Can Anna and her loyal friends find and rescue the missing child, or will they suffer a terrible loss?

The Hang-Up

The Hang-Up (Synopsis)
The Stars that never were – or were they!
Is this a true story, could be, could be in part the Michael Hutchence story or the rise of The Divinyls or ACDC. But it isn’t!
Set in the mid 1970’s The Hang-Up is the fictional journey of a Aussie music icon that never let fame get in the way of reality. And reality for Jordie was the love of his life, Jess, and the music they made together. The Hang-Up is a love story, an adventure and a tragedy rolled into one. Told from Jordie’s perspective The Hang-Up takes the reader into a world most could only dream of inhabiting, from the creation of the songs to the recording studio and then onto the stages of some of the world’s most iconic venues. The Hang-Up will make you smile one minute and bring a tear to your eye the next. It will give you a front row seats in the life of a rock star, an invitation to the wedding that only someone as creative as Jordie could dream up and all the while you’ll be right there beside Jordie and Jess writing, recording and performing the songs and living the highs and the lows of life as popular music stars.
Footnote: All eighteen songs written within the story have been professionally recorded.

The songs can be heard on my website

The Silver Path and The Golden Bell

Contemporary magical realism – a reincarnated 17 year old who solves crimes with astral projection.

The Absence of Sparrows

In the small town of Griever’s Mill, eleven-year-old Ben Cameron is expecting to finish off his summer of relaxing and bird-watching without a hitch. But everything goes wrong when dark clouds roll in.

Old Man Crandall is the first to change — human one minute and a glass statue the next. Soon it’s happening across the world. Dark clouds fill the sky and, at random, people are turned into frozen versions of themselves. There’s nowhere to run, nowhere to hide, and no one knows how to stop it.

With his mom on the verge of a breakdown, and his brother intent on following the dubious plans put forth by a nameless voice on the radio, Ben must hold out hope that his town’s missing sparrows will return with everyone’s souls before the glass plague takes them away forever.