Daniel Pietrzak is a researcher, artist, writer, and author of the new novel “In my world” which is the first book of a series. With a decade of researching various metaphysical topics and writing articles for blogging websites, Daniel has developed a uniquely blended vision of the world as we know it with one that exists within imaginary realms. His latest work is a fiction book in which for the first time his voice shines through creating an emotional journey, filled with unpredictable and profound events. In the last three years, Daniel has attended multiple writers’ workshops from bestselling authors such as Neale Donald Walsch, William Whitecloud, and Mindy Gibbins. He is also a member of ALC Author Learning Center where he had taken writing classes from Hay House bestselling authors. To take Daniel’s writing abilities to another level he had finished twenty-three online courses on book writing to make sure that his debut book will be spot on.


“In My World” A daring quest for a life changing treasure

‘Growing up in a distressed family, having an unsettled schooling, Deon found himself not understood by the people around and often succumbed to his imaginary world of adventure. As a child Deon loved spending time in Nature and one day aspired to find a treasure, however he didn’t know what that treasure would be.

He finds a job at a departmental store and moves out of his troubled home but nothing much changes in his life. He feels drained and lost in the daily fight for survival in the everyday life of earning and spending.

One day being in his 20s his frustration leads him to make a life changing decision; to begin a quest for a deeper meaning of his life. Deon decides to take a trip to Glastonbury and his life is never going to be the same.

In his daring quest Deon accidentally enters a magical portal where he is faced with trials and spell binding encounters that leads him to find the treasure that he was always looking for.

‘In My World’ is a stirring fiction book that takes the readers on a breathtaking journey of discovering a secret world of infinite possibilities and the fascinating reality of life that is available to each one of them, despite the everyday challenges.