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Legend of the Huskahs

Legend of the Huskahs is an action packed adventure story about a young man who ventures to West Africa in the early 1300s. Perig never travelled in search of a sedentary life, and with a curious mind on the socio-religious settings, Perig finds more than he bargained for, but just as he begins his quest alongside his friend and mentor Samu, Perig’s plan changes drastically as his love interest gets kidnapped.

A notebook of Love My Story on Mental Health

Luis a U.S. Army War Veteran and his wife are separated and about to divorce after 14 years of marriage. Luis has Bipolar and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and faces a tough question from his wife, who has various mental illnesses: Is she worthy of love? She knows very little of his mental health and history of abuse, leading Luis into a mental whirlwind and trying to find a valid answer. Luis reveals his true love and worthiness by providing his story and perspective from his beginning to the present. Luis provides details about being a victim of child abuse, alcoholism, Bipolar Disorder, and PTSD and strives for self-improvement, from a Male’s perspective.
Love – Borderline Personality disorder – Post Traumatic Stress Disorder – Bipolar Disorder – Anxiety – Depression – Marriage

Follow Your Heart: Live, Eat, Be

Arzu Dogan began writing to document her healing journey from an auto-immune illness. She learned, among other things, food was medicine, and she was not living her truth and her purpose. Dogan read self-help books, attended workshops, explored natural medicines and the power of organic food, and adopted mindfulness to “be” and have a more purposeful life. She learned about holistic health and how well-being – both mentally, spiritually, and physically – is all connected and when nurtured, one can live in true harmony with health and inner peace. In “Follow Your Heart”, Dogan tells what it means to follow your heart and tune into your intuition. This guide offers advice and tips on how you can live, eat, be your truest, healthiest, and highest self, beaming with love and light. Dogan’s story offers a true testament to how your heart is the key to expansion and transformation; you just have to follow it.


A Brighter TOMORROW is a beautiful coffee table book that contains heartfelt poetry and original artwork inspired by the pandemic. This unique book offers the reader comfort and hope for the future.

A Notebook of Love: My story on Mental Health

Luis a U.S. Army War Veteran and his wife are separated and about to divorce after 14 years of marriage. Luis has Bipolar and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and faces a tough question from his wife, who has various mental illnesses: Is she worthy of love? She knows very little of his mental health and history of abuse, leading Luis into a mental whirlwind and trying to find a valid answer. Luis reveals his true love and worthiness by providing his story and perspective from his beginning to the present. Luis provides details about being a victim of child abuse, alcoholism, Bipolar Disorder, and PTSD and strives for self-improvement, from a Male’s perspective.
Love – Borderline Personality disorder – Post Traumatic Stress Disorder – Bipolar Disorder – Anxiety – Depression – Marriage

Detective Comet: An Odder’s Origin

A tale of a young pup who envisions a world of discrimination to come to an end, but a world of peace always comes with a price. The five nations face a common enemy who wants to change the world into their own image. An Odder gets selected from his nation’s spirit to become his nation’s champion and prevent the age of calamity from occurring from an organization known as The Valiant, but becoming champion comes with a dreadful beginning for this character. Following within his father’s footsteps, Detective Comet must locate this organization and prevent a war that may occur while also facing the desire to seek vengeance toward the organization.

Have God – will travel

Autobiography of Christine Eastmond. Recounted are her varied and frequently amusing experiences as a missionary in the UK, with the Church Army and, then as a WVs staff member with the Armed Forces in Germany and, still with the W(R)VS, in Penang. Her most hair-raising experiences were her responsibilities in the Church Army home for girls on probation..

The Condom and Other Stories

Contemporary literary fiction. African characters and encounters.

The Condom and Other Stories presents a colorful cast of characters whom readers will simultaneously cheer and boo in seventeen stories laced with humor, snappy dialogue, and the odd twist.

~ How does a philandering London lawyer explain the condom his shocked wife found in his clothes that morning?

~ Can sophisticated Ada hold her breath—and misgivings—long enough to finish consulting the musty mystic healer on her childlessness?

~ Why does nonchalant Nez seem to be doing everything she can to fail her visa interview at the US Embassy?

~ Will straitlaced Susan, a chorister and prayer warrior, come up with a ruse in time to stop her partner from yielding to the rapacious preacher?

The intrigues keep coming in this entertaining collection which is told at a lively pace. As the heroines and heroes navigate testing encounters and relationships, their inflamed passions, conflicted moralities, and nifty schemes combine to produce a series of amusing results.

The young

It’s a father and son journey who goes on a quest to save their kin from a religious cult who seeks to harness the gods of the night which are the moon gods and seek to overthrow the sun’s gods of the day and plummet the world in eternal darkness and sorrow

A Prophetic History of the Church Since WW2

Since the end of World War II, and the fulfilment of Bible prophecy in the restoration of the nation of Israel, the Holy Spirit has been preparing the Church for the End-Time Harvest. Amazing “moves of God” have occurred through fallible servants, who were available for the Lord to use. Some were household names in their day, yet they are virtually unknown among Christians today. The institutional church has so suppressed knowledge of these events that most Christians don’t even know they occurred.

Many popular accounts of these men and women and their deeds have been deliberately falsified to discredit their ministries; some out of jealousy, some due to theological disputes. You will need to draw your own conclusions as to why and investigate the stories related in this volume to your own satisfaction.

God has been telling the prophets He is about to “do it again”. There is another major ‘Wave of The Holy Spirit’ about to break upon an unready Church, known to many as the Billion-Soul Harvest. My prayer is that this book will open your eyes to what the Lord has already done so that you can have faith for what He is about to do, in which YOU are called to play a part.

Return From Rysa

In many ways, Conner seems like an ordinary boy growing up in the 1960s. But since the age of four, he and his brother have been abducted by aliens multiple times. Conner’s gift of seeing beings from the spirit world sometimes gives him access to protection and comfort, but at other times, his ability adds to the horror of being hunted by extraterrestrials.
As he matures, Conner must learn which alien races he can trust, what they want with our planet, and how their agendas tie in with Biblical prophecy. While dealing with frequent moves and trouble at home, Conner will try to survive unrelenting attention from an alien race who has decided his genome may hold the key to saving their people.
This story creates a thrilling fictional narrative out of copious research on alien abduction conducted by the authors, including numerous firsthand accounts never made available to a general audience.

“Too intense for kids, this fascinating story blends spirituality and alien encounters in a way I have never seen before.” –Brandon Mull, #1 New York Times bestselling author of Fablehaven and Five Kingdoms

The All-Time Greatest NBA Book

This is not your ordinary greatest players/teams list. This book gives a broad view of what makes a certain player or team great. It uses a combination of a variety of statistics, countless references from well-respected sports journalists, opinions from a variety of NBA players and coaches, and a refreshing point of view from a die-hard and dedicated NBA fan to reach the most unbiased and the most educated rankings.

The book discusses the 50 greatest teams of all time. Then there is a fun discussion about a six-team playoff bracket that would determine the greatest team in NBA history. The book discusses the 50 greatest playoff runs by a player. The book also discusses the 50 greatest playoff moments in league history. All those chapters ultimately lead to the rankings of the 100 greatest players of all time. This book covers every single aspect of a player’s legacy to determine its rankings. Then the book ends with a fun discussion about which players should be chosen in a winner-take-all game to save the world from extinction.

This book invites discussions and debates, but it does not belittle any player or team. This book will inform you about these all-time great players and teams that will give you all the ammo you need to dominate your next GOAT debate with your friends.

Zog the Frog Gets Lost in the Fog

A little frog called Zog, is tired of his life in the bog. He wants to see more of the world, so one day he packs a bag and heads out to see what he can see, and he doesn’t tell his mom! He has an amazing adventure along the way. This gorgeously illustrated book is written in full rhyme. The story explores the importance of home, communication with parents and friendship. It makes a wonderful bedtime story for young children. There is an excellent reading of this story on Audible.

Teddy’s Game

Teddy’s Game is the new book by SM Russell!

This is a story about the freedom to choose, and how choices can be used, misused, and abused.

He, that is Arbogast, looked around and saw the world had changed, and not at all for the better!

The fire had mostly gone out of politics, of internet discourse, of people!

A world without racism, without fear of scientific overreach, without the vicious and rapid struggle that had marked out life in the world. What had happened?

The boards happened. Teddy happened.
Arbogast wanted revenge, more than anything, or did he?

He lived in a world where the very choices we make are suspect.

Teddy’s world. Teddy’s game.

Will he play the game to the end?

The Clockmaker’s Wish

In this captivating fantasy mystery filled with plot twists, four lives are intertwined by the strings of fate. To fulfill her friend Everett’s last dying request, Cybil, a reserved and resourceful seamstress, must go on an adventure to a city far from home. Everett and Cybil were once great friends but they had a terrible falling out, and Cybil has long-harbored conflicting emotions for Everett, who hurt her more than any other in her life. Unbeknownst to her, he has documented everything, and through his frequent journal entries the reader comes to learn the depths of their story, about their friendship, and his relationship with a woman called Beatrice that seems to have caused his suicide. On Cybil’s journey, her traveling companion and carriage driver is the shadowy Kindle, a man who is not who he says he is. What painful memories and conflicts await her on this adventure? And who or what is giving her the foreboding feeling as she sets out? Danger awaits if she doesn’t tread carefully… The book has dark themes of suicide, depression, addiction, marital issues, and heartbreak, but it also has overcoming addiction, forgiveness, and love. An original, genuinely thought-provoking story.

Nema : The Last War Lord

Dragons have been the power and protectors of the land obeying one true leader until the war that led the dragons far, the war that killed leaders; magic born beasts and people; the war that destroyed a kingdom and caged the most powerful.

It only takes time for Nema to know his true purpose and lead the war to restore balance between worlds of magic and normal but he must carry upon him a greater responsibility of being a leader.

Sam The Truthful Seedling: A Children’s Book About Lying and Telling the Truth

Sam the seedling always tries to tell the truth. Not only is it the right thing to do, but he knows that it means his friends will be nice to him.

His neighbor, Wendy the weed, is the opposite. She never tells the truth. It makes their garden friends upset, and one day it even leads to trouble…

Let’s hope Wendy the weed learns her lesson!

This is a beautifully illustrated children’s book. The story tells us why lying is irresponsible and that telling the truth is good in all situations. It teaches kids the importance of honesty and telling the truth.

Palm Trees Under Snow

Growing up, Maya was surrounded by palm trees, the ocean breeze, and a big extended family. Maya’s life takes a turn as she witnesses her beautiful island being destroyed by the war. Maya’s parents decide to immigrate to another country to find peace and safety. When she arrives in the new country, Maya can’t speak the language and no one at school wants to be her friend. Will Maya ever feel a sense of belonging in her new home?This picture book is for children ages 7 to 11 years. It is a beautifully written story about the hardships and challenges a child faces in a war-torn country. A heartfelt story about the plight of immigration and a struggle with identity and belonging. Palm Trees Under Snow stresses the importance of empowerment through education and celebrates the power of hope and hard work. The book encourages empathy and compassion and addresses the themes of diversity, inclusion, and tolerance. It includes beautiful vibrant illustrations. Palm Trees Under Snow will stimulate many important discussions at home and in the classroom!

Randy The Lonely Rabbit: A Children Picture book about Making Friends in new school

This beautifully illustrated book is for children who are looking to make new friends at school. It features kid-friendly illustrations, an easy-to-read text format, and offers a charming story that will help children get past their nerves about starting a new school year.

Whether your children are just starting kindergarten, have been in school for a few years; they will all be able to relate to the life lessons and daily struggles that this book teaches. Children will learn about the importance of friendships, how to make new friends, and how to improve their friendship and social skills.

Kids learn best through stories and experiences. The story revolves around Randy a little bunny, who is sad because he has no friends.

If you enjoy reading books to your children, get this book today! It will help them understand the art of making friends.

With adorable illustrations and a story that brings the whole family together, this book is hard to put down. You can buy it in either paperback or Kindle formats, so be sure to check it out now!

Making A Case For Love

Once a pervert, always a pervert! thought Taylor Johnson about her married boss. Taylor is a lonely 33 years old black woman with a checkered past. She works as a secretary for a family-owned architectural firm for a lecherous boss that tries to seduce her every chance he gets.

Taylor is tired of her boss’s attempt at seducing her but has to hang on to her job. She is saving money to open a beauty salon. Her secret past is what drives her to succeed.

One night after a run-in with her boss, Taylor goes to her favorite bar and meets an attractive white shipping businessman, Mark Carlton. Mark is at the bar drowning his sorrows over an unexpected breakup with his finance, Ashley Winters, a high-priced lawyer.

Ashley wants Mark back but will his budding friendship with Taylor daunt her dreams of winning him back? Will Ashley’s expertise as a lawyer help Taylor realize her dreams? Or will the shocking past that Mark and Taylor unknowingly share destroy all of their lives?

Making A Case for Love is a drama that will pull you in from the start and never let you go. With enticing characters, good humor, and a riveting plot, you will be amazed at how entertaining searching for love could be!

God, Demons & the Soul: Theoism

This book contains new Christian nontraditional theology called Theoism and a new philosophy called Life Symbols, that replaces modern theology and philosophy. The reason why I wrote this book was due to Atheism being taught in Universities and billions of non-Christians around the world. There are two sides to every coin. I am a Christian Philosopher with university degrees.
This book will provide 21 proofs that man has a soul. And it comes from God. This book is written from a scholarly perspective on a junior high level. But I will demonstrate that man:
1. Does not have free will
2. Man is free from predetermination.
3. Man has the ability to learn from outside of his frame of knowledge.
4. Man cannot act morally outside of his soul.
5. Determinism is not true.

Book based on the question from Rene Descartes. “I think therefore I am?”

Uneven Justice: The Plot to Sink Galleon

The inside story of a case that illustrates the horrific perils of unchecked prosecutorial overreach, written by the man who experienced it firsthand.

Raj Rajaratnam, the respected founder of the iconic hedge fund Galleon Group, which managed $7 billion and employed 180 people in its heyday, chose to go to trial rather than concede to a false narrative concocted by ambitious prosecutors looking for a scapegoat for the 2008 financial crisis. Naively perhaps, Rajaratnam had expected to get a fair hearing in court. As an immigrant who had achieved tremendous success in his adopted country, he trusted the system. He had not anticipated prosecutorial overreach—inspired by political ambition—FBI fabrications, judicial compliance, and lies told under oath by cooperating witnesses. In the end, Rajaratnam was convicted and sentenced to eleven years in prison. He served seven and a half.

Meanwhile, not a single senior bank executive responsible for the financial crisis was even charged.

Uneven Justice is the story of his bewildering and confounding prosecution by forces who, quite frankly, were looking for bigger game. When Rajaratnam refused to support the narrative that would make that happen, he and the Galleon Group became collateral damage.

A cautionary tale with implications for us all, Uneven Justice is both a riveting page-turner and an eye-opening lesson in the vagaries of justice when an unscrupulous prosecutor is calling the shots.