Debasis Bhaumik

Debasis Bhaumik, is an entrepreneurial leader who has worked with and for many global Fortune 100 organizations across Asia-Pacific, Europe and North America. He started his career as a technology entrepreneur in India and moved up through the ranks in North America. He is a well-respected senior leader in the digital transformation space.DB's approach to life and work is consistent and based on "Think Big, Act Now, Start Small, and Scale Fast." DB finds pleasure in continuous learning and exposure to the unknown but finds more pleasure in "giving" through mentoring, teaching and coaching. For over a decade, he has been a visiting faculty member at various universities in India and Canada.He believes that unlimited potential is out there for all willing and curious professionals in Industrial Revolution 4.0.


Leadership 4.0: Proven Habits for Sustainable Success in the Digital World

We are in the heart of a fascinating era in human evolution, when technological progress is challenging the human role in work and society. Even in the face of an unprecedented crisis like COVID-19, technology is helping us in incredible ways.

While some of us see limitless possibilities for growth during this time of massive change, the majority of our population is nervous about the advent of artificial intelligence and the challenges these advances pose to their livelihood-and to some extent, their role in society in general. Similar to individuals, organizations also fear the potential of being disrupted by technology.

In Leadership 4.0: Proven Habits for Sustainable Success in the Digital World, Debasis Bhaumik puts a more positive spin on this challenge. He believes human imagination and advancing technology have brought us to the most exciting juncture in history, an era that has come to be known as the Fourth Industrial Revolution, or Industrial Revolution 4.0.

Those who choose now to invest in becoming digital leaders, rather than ignoring and fearing this upheaval, will recognize the huge new opportunities available to both individuals and organizations.

Key takeaways from Leadership 4.0
Technology is a commodity; people are the key differentiators To be successful in this new age, organizations must invest in digital leaders Proven habits (outlined in included worksheets) can help you become a digital leader and guide efforts at digital sustainability … and