I'm a UK, Plymouth based indie-author. I have a tendency to write stories with a fantasy or magical realism element to them. In the last ten years I've published four separate titles, the last two of those being released less than a year apart, with the most recent one being summer 2018 (Hyena Boy). I run my own YouTube channel, where I mostly vlog about stuff connected to my writing. I also suffer from a couple of chronic pain conditions, which can make life pretty tough at times, but has recently started being a huge driving factor in trying to get my writing carer up and running. I'd love to one day be a full time author, its been my goal for as long as I care to remember. It might feel like a pretty big dream right now, but if you don't dream big, then what's the point, right? ~ Ila ~


Hyena Boy

Most life stories have people overcoming their demons. I’d just like to escape mine.

My name is Jay Richard Peters. I was born on the 24th of March 1967. In less than two weeks I’ll turn seventeen, and I’ll finally be moving out of my home… or maybe I should say my hell, and into a place of my own.

For as long as I can remember, a dark cloud, my father, has hung over my existence. An inescapable, unpredictable force, worse than the devil itself. He’s made running away impossible. But I’m not planning to run away. I’m planning to move out. That’s what you do when you grow up, you move out.

But first, I want to make a record of my life up to this point. Then, my first night in my own place, I’ll hold a ceremonial burning. Burning the past to cleanse the future, as Taylora would say. Not that everything in my past was bad… to tell the story right, I guess I’ll want to talk about that too.

No, not want. Need. I need to talk about the good. I need to remember the bits of my life worth living. If I’m going to get through this… I have to talk about those bits too. The bits that kept me going. The bits that pulled me through. But… uh… I guess I should stop rambling and actually get started…