The most common and the most complex question of this universe is how everything came into being! It is this same question that caused the emergence of religions, philosophy and science.

Many religions as they grew, gave the final answer to this ‘HOW’ or ‘WHY’ as GOD. Philosophers have dug into different realms of the human mind and thinking and gone through a variety of thought process and experiments to find out the answer and reached to a Prime Cause.

At this later stage, science has just started its journey and is only a few hundred years old in its search to find out the ultimate truth.

In this book, I would like to introduce a new theory on the origin of the Universe and even the Origin of ‘the Cause’ of origin. Here I explain the cause of the origin of this universe by magnifying the way man create things and put them to work, because it is at the end we follow the law of nature that is already present. Thus, this book is an attempt to give a new explanation of how this universe could have originated and how the cause could have come into existence which will help the new generation to understand how everything started.

In this book I have tried to bring different contradictory ideas under one roof to create a realistic middle path that doesn’t contradict any stream such as science, religions and philosophy.