3 Seconds in Bogotá

Travel & Razor’s Edge Suspense – Don’t Miss This!”

Upon graduating from film school Mark was offered the dream job of writing a TV thriller series, but fearing life might pass him by at the typewriter, he instead decided to set off around the world to find real adventure. During the next four years, he circumnavigated the globe as a fly pitching artisan – making and selling jewellery on the streets of the world’s cities. From London to Tokyo and from Hong Kong to New York he successfully dodged the police but less successfully had near run-ins with the Japanese Yakuza, Hong Kong Triads as well as the ghetto gangs of Bogotá. Some encounters were comical and some were near fatal.

Eventually, with one too many real-life travel adventures under his belt, he returned to the safety of his passion – writing and directing films – and has since been honoured with ninety-six awards.

3 Seconds in Bogotá is his debut into the world of books and features the true account of his travels and work around Latin America. Through Mark’s travel writing, meet the street kids, corrupt police, assasins and everyday people from Buenos Aires to Bogotá, that make up the exciting and colourful continent.

A travel tale with social commentary and humour worthy of Bryson.

A heartwarming true-life travel adventure during the time of Escobar’s reign in Colombia, set against a spine-chilling encounter with the notorious gangs of Bogotá.