Naufil Arif Kazi



The sudden death of her husband made Archana go into a shock. She was shocked because he was supposed to be discharged from the hospital that very day. Whatever happened a night before was the principal reason for it though Archana told no one about it. Hoping to bring Archana out of shock, Sunita, her mother in law, took her to a psychiatrist named John D’Souza. The first session went strange as Archana tried to portray herself as a bad woman in all possible ways. Their next meeting happened a year later in the form of a job interview. Archana got the job, and one beautiful day John asked her about why she portrayed herself as an evil character in their first meeting. Luckily by then, Archana had regained her sense and was willing to tell her story to him. Though Archana revealed a lot, there was always something she was trying to hide. Her story took a toll on John’s mental health as he consistently struggled to see her as the right person, but her story suggested otherwise. With mistakes leading to deadly consequences, the mysterious Archana Nair, her psychiatrist John D’Souza and an intriguing and mysterious plot, ‘Archana’ is a compelling story to read.