neelam agrawal Srivastava


Zorig Chusum Thirteen Crafts of Bhutan

With this book, the birth of an author N.Menerva came to life. After contributing
twenty years to education, an education administrator and a professor,
enlightened with a thought of contributing the knowledge back to the coming
generations, and so this book was apprehended. After blogging successfully for
one year on the world’s rarest crafts, of the countries like Chad, Lichtenstein,
Kyrgyzstan, Syria, and Belarus, Interest was at hype, when started writing for
Bhutan. Bhutan is a lonely land which maintains the highest score of Grand
Happiness Index while following Buddhism. Buddhism is a religion which takes
one to a land spiritual ecstasy. While blogging on Bhutan thirteen crafts, the
inspiration stroked me to convert the knowledge onto a book. Henceforth, a
research paper on Thangka paintings was written and then a book about all the
amazing crafts of Bhutan, famous by the name “Zorig Chusum”. An urge has
emanated to write on these craft descriptively, and preserve the knowledge in the
form of a book wherein, in one glimpse, at one source all the information about
the craft, meaning, raw materials, its essence to Bhutan, and process can be
understood. The book therefore, is an effort of one year of research, to describe
the thirteen Bhutanese crafts, enabling design, fine arts and crafts students to
get all the required information for further research and academic projects. The
content of the book are collected by various means of primary sources from the
Government of Bhutan Associations, National Museum and images clicked while
a personal trip to Bhutan. In detail research was helpful only through secondary
sources, online sites, Archives and library of Royal patronage and Bhutan Textile
museum, Bhutan National Museum, Folk Heritage Museum, Simply Bhutan
Museum, Division of Conservation Architectural Heritage, National Museum of
Bumthang, National Library of Bhutan, Photographs Archive at National Library,
Archive Kuenselonline, Archive Ra online, Socio cultural History of Bhutan
Archive and many other secondary sources bibliographed. The book will prove
as a useful source to design, fine art students and professionals looking forward
for research on Bhutan and various intricate process of many crafts which are
mentioned in this book as part of Zorig Chusum.