Anita Brown

Anita Brown is a writer and author of 'When the World Kicks You in the Teeth'. This is a non-fiction book designed to assist the reader, through a catalogue of devastating life challenges. Anita uses her own experience and combines it with easy self-help tips to try. The topics covered range from, homelessness, heartbreak, depression, loss of her business, suicidal thoughts and PTSD, after an encounter with a dangerous individual. Her new book which was published on the 30th March 2019 'A Parent's Worst Nightmares' builds on this foundation. It explores what a parent can do when their teenager is set on self-destruction. Anita is the proud mother of two grown-up children and has been an accomplished entrepreneur in her previous life. Encouraged by the strangers she had talked to about her experiences, she finally bit the bullet and began writing, and hasn't stopped since. Anita tackles the most difficult of subjects, with at times, brutal honesty and self-discovery. She writes with a passion for her subject matter and does her best to engage with readers straight from the heart. She isn't psychiatrically trained, preferring to use instead, her own harrowing experiences. This is combined with her unique insights that will if nothing else, make the reader believe by the end, that they are no longer alone on their own journey through whatever adversity, has befallen them.


A Parent’s Worst Nightmares

What happens when the normal rites of passage to adulthood become something more potentially deadly. What do you do when your child refuses to eat, self-harms or becomes deeply depressed?

How do you protect your child from bullies, gangs or grooming from predators? What happens when they run away from home, get addicted to drugs, alcohol or engage in criminal activities. What do you do when your child seems so set on pressing the self-destruct button and nothing you say has any effect?

This book is written by a parent for parents who are facing this difficult situation now. It covers not only some useful tools to use in guiding your child but also gives you the parent some help in coping with an often terrifying and deeply upsetting scenario. It doesn’t matter what issues or multiple issues you are being confronted with, there is something to help within these pages. This book aims to give hope when hope is in short supply and remind parents that even though they may be weathering the storm from hell right now calmer waters are not far away.

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When the World Kicks You in the Teeth

Life can be painfully challenging sometimes, and during our darkest moments we have all desperately looked for help to ease the distress. I became one of those seekers, and after searching the internet, I realised that there wasn’t the answer I was looking for. There were many great answers but none that I really related to, so I made a promise to myself that I would write down the answers that I found during my own chaotic journey.

If you feel like the world is continually kicking you in the teeth, and you just feel like giving up, this book gives you some new tools to fight back with. Written from a wealth of personal experience, this book covers a multitude of difficult topics that could prey on the weary traveller of life. I use a combination of my own real life disasters and my own hard won insights to explore some simple free mental and emotional techniques that anyone can try to weather the storm. Soon you will be able to come out smiling no matter what disasters life throws your way.

I cover many common pitfalls and some not so common, including recovering from a broken heart, illness, homelessness, the loss of a business, financial difficulties and subsequent bankruptcy. I talk through depression, post traumatic stress disorder, fear, anxiety and suicidal thoughts. I discuss what self-love really looks like and why it is super important to be your own best friend when you feel friends may be temporarily thin on the ground.

I explain how to identify and deal with everyday toxic relationships including your own inner relationship, before telling the story of how I survived an encounter with a convicted murderer that could have led to my own demise had I not learnt how to identify a toxic person.

This book is a gritty no holds barred piece of writing with some lighter moments that will guide anyone who is willing to just give it a try. If you have had enough of life’s knocks or are feeling low, depressed or just plain lost then this is the book for you.