Anita Brown

Anita Brown is a writer and author of 'When the World Kicks You in the Teeth'. This is a non-fiction book designed to assist the reader, through a catalogue of devastating life challenges. Anita uses her own experience and combines it with easy self-help tips to try. The topics covered range from, homelessness, heartbreak, depression, loss of her business, suicidal thoughts and PTSD, after an encounter with a dangerous individual. Her second book which was published in March 2019 'A Parent's Worst Nightmares' builds on this foundation. It explores what a parent can do when their teenager is set on self-destruction. She has just published her third book 'Mind Over Quarantine' - March 2020, in light of the recent Coronavirus pandemic. It helps the average person to cope with an extended stay in quarantine. Anita was an entrepreneur before deciding on a career change. She was encouraged by the strangers she had talked to about her experiences, and finally bit the bullet and began writing, and hasn't stopped since. Anita tackles the most difficult of subjects, with at times, brutal honesty and self-discovery. She writes with a passion for her subject matter and does her best to engage with readers straight from the heart. She isn't psychiatrically trained, preferring to use instead, her own harrowing experiences. This is combined with her unique insights that will if nothing else, make the reader believe by the end, that they are no longer alone on their own journey through whatever adversity, has befallen them.


Mind Over Quarantine

The whole world has been affected by the recent emergence of a new coronavirus. Countries battle to contain its deadly influence, bringing their citizens into quarantine, the like of which we have never seen before. Life has suddenly changed.

The COVID-19 pandemic has left everyone feeling a little lost and out of control. It just happened so incredibly fast. Governments are even struggling to keep up with such a formidable foe.

So faced with a lengthy quarantine, what can the average person do? How can we ride the tidal waves of change and ease our sense of panic?

This book then guides you with practical easy tips that will help you batten down your hatches. So that mentally and physically you can survive the trials during and after quarantine. It goes further than “washing your hands”, and “keeping social distance” to information, that can make or break the quarantine experience. When you finally emerge back to your normal life you will be positive, organised and ready to grab new opportunities.

Anita Brown is an accomplished author, with two self-help books already under her belt. She has written this short simple guide that will appeal to young and old alike. In it, she explains how to ease panic, avoid becoming depressed and take physical actions to ensure that quarantine is an opportunity, and not a self-imposed prison.