PRIME THINKER: Chronological protocol of the Multiverse

We always wanted planet Earth to perform better, and we sent some higher paradigm shifts inside the third-dimensional world of that planet. We gave them the perfect hint about almost everything. Leonardo said, “Everything is connected to everything else.” Tesla mentioned, “3, 6, 9 is the key to the universe.” Einstein contemplated, “The distinction between the past, present and future is only a stubbornly persistent illusion.” Earthlings ignored our hint almost every time.


A higher-dimensional species created a simulated universe to complete the chain of incidents that happened before.

The level four parallel universe species grow aware of this simulation, and after Amanda’s hypothesis on the Theory of Dimigliostasia, a civilization of Zatch planet explores four other equally advanced civilizations inside their galaxy.

After the counterinsurgency conquest between five habitable worlds, Valmir realizes that higher-dimensional entities created a STAROLICTS (Subconscious Transformed Artificially Rooted Organic Legeme Implemented Cerebral Tran-manifested System) program to create their interferences inside different levels of the universe, and by uniting them, he develops an Omega Field Generator that can maneuver two cosmic strings to discover disputed enigmas like:

Who is the creator of this universe?

What happens after death?

How can a human imagine?

If this universe is a simulation, then who decides what we are? Who are we, and what will we become?