RAY LEVERETTE is a man infused with determination and ambition, He is destined to demonstrate his faith through the art of literature. While growing up in Brundidge, Al., his mother taught him the value of hard work, accomplishing goals, and to never quit regardless of the circumstance. During elementary in Junior High, he learned to embrace his gift of writing by creating love letters for his peers in exchange for snack money. By his sophomore year, he landed his first writing job at Brundidge Beacon and continued on through college. Forfeiting to pursue a writing career, the essence of writing remained while he worked in the Gas and Energy Field for companies such as BP and Edison Chouest Offshore. In 2009 the birth of Rise Above All rose. In Tucson, Arizona, he wrote the story, piece by piece in hope. In November 2010 he was rushed to Saint Joseph Hospital and nearly lost his life. After coming back from the gateway of life and death, the creation of Rise Above All emerged. Rise Above All was inspired by his angel, Rhealyn Saballa Danao. Rise Above All depicts the life events we all experience in some form or another—growing up in broken homes, teen pregnancy, violence, and the absentee of parental guidance. This story, taken from reality, illustrates the overcoming adversity and triumphing through the barrels of opposition.


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