Rishabh Marathe


Brandify You – The 90 day blueprint to become a strong personal brand

Brandify You is an attempt to re-think the personal branding paradigm. The author’s motto is ‘You are the CEO of brand YOU, and anything you do to position yourself becomes your brand’s identity.

If you have a purpose, a mission to achieve a great place in life that stems out of the need to serve the world, this book is for you

Brandify You is an honest attempt to help educate every individual out there about the benefits of how personal branding can transform their lives. In today’s competitive world, personal branding is needed in every walk of life, as a student, as an employee, or an entrepreneur, or even as a person.

This book helps you understand how you can combine your skillsets and mindset to Brandify You into a strong personal brand and helps you achieve that edge over your competition.