rose fatone

Hello friends, my name is Rosalba but mostly called Rosa or Rose. I was born in Italy. Then my parents immigrated to Australia in 1969. My love for life and all its colours is from places I have been and seen. Mostly I love my home Australia. The landscapes and colours inspire me to be creative. Art is where I express myself the best. Throughout my life, I have always enjoyed drawing and painting as a hobby. Though taking some art classes has helped me learn the fundamentals of art and some basic Graphic Design skills. I have learnt so much from great and inspirational teachers who love what they do. They have made me realise the passion I have for creating artwork that tells a story.  By using various mediums or techniques, I feel I can express myself in so many different ways. My work is sometimes based on my emotions.  I create imaginary places or situations that have affected my life.      


A Quolls Migration

Deep in a bush on the N.S.W. coast, lived a small family of Quolls.
They lived their life happily and unaware of the changes taking place in their surrounding habitat. When one day their life took a turn and they were faced with danger, adventure and finding a new home.
From Author Rose Fatone
This is a children’s book with an aim to make aware and have an understanding of our Australian native endangered species in a fun and adventurous way.
Created in a way that illustrates a true likeness to the animals and why they are on the list of endangered species, but I have written the book in a manner of fiction and non-fiction taking the children through an adventure and reaching out to them so that they understand what is happening to the animals.