Rich Blood (Jason Rich)

From Wall Street Journal bestselling author Robert Bailey comes a
compelling legal thriller about a lawyer who takes on his sister’s case―and
confronts small-town secrets and family skeletons.Attorney Jason Rich has
made a fortune off other people’s bad luck. His billboard slogan―“In an
accident? Get Rich!”―accosts motorists on highways from Alabama to Florida.
As ambulance chasers go, he’s exceptional.But after a recent divorce and a
stint in rehab, Jason has hit a rough patch. And things only get worse when
his sister, Jana, is accused of her husband’s murder. Even though Jason has
no experience trying criminal cases, Jana begs him to represent her.Jason
has mixed feelings about returning to Lake Guntersville, Alabama―and even
more reservations about diving back into his sister’s life. Between the
drugs, the affairs, and a tendency to gaslight everyone in her inner
circle, Jana has plenty of enemies in town.But did Jana hire someone to
kill her husband? Jason isn’t so sure. He heads back to his hometown to
unravel the truth and face off against opponents old and new. Read more

Breaking History: A White House Memoir

Amazon #1 Best Seller————————-Jared Kushner was one of the
most consequential presidential advisers in modern history. For the first
time, he recounts what happened behind closed doors during the Trump
presidency.Few White House advisors have had such an expansive portfolio or
constant access to the president. From his office next to Trump, senior
adviser Jared Kushner operated quietly behind the scenes, preferring to
leave the turf wars and television sparring to others. Now, Kushner finally
tells his story—a fast-paced and surprisingly candid account of how an
earnest businessman with no political ambitions found himself pulled into a
presidency that no one saw coming. Breaking History takes readers inside
debates in the Oval Office, double-crosses at the United Nations, tense
meetings in Arab palaces, high-stakes negotiations, and the daily barrage
of leaks, false allegations, investigations, and West Wing infighting.A
true historical thriller, this book is not your typical political memoir.
Kushner details Washington’s intense resistance to change and reveals how
he broke through the stalemates of the past. An outsider among outsiders,
Kushner was a results-driven executive among beltway power brokers. He
questioned old assumptions and delivered unprecedented results on trade,
criminal justice reform, production of COVID-19 vaccines, and Middle East
peace. His successful negotiation of the Abraham Accords, the most
significant diplomatic breakthrough in 50 years, earned him a nomination
for the Nobel Peace Prize.Written by one of the few people by Trump’s side
from his trip down the golden escalator to his final departure from Andrews
Air Force Base, Breaking History provides the most honest, nuanced, and
definitive understanding of a presidency that will be studied for
generations.*****”Now 41, Kushner was involved in brokering Trump’s
US-Mexico-Canada trade agreement and drafting and passing the 2018 First
Step Act that included prison and criminal sentencing reforms. He helped
lead the White House COVID-19 response in 2020 and led efforts to broker
diplomatic relations between Israel and four Arab countries during the
final months of Trump’s term.”—New York Post Read more

What We Owe the Future

“This book will change your sense of how grand the sweep of human history
could be, where you fit into it, and how much you could do to change it for
the better. It’s as simple, and as ambitious, as that.”—Ezra KleinAn Oxford
philosopher makes the case for “longtermism” — that positively influencing
the long-term future is a key moral priority of our time. The fate of the
world is in our hands. Humanity’s written history spans only five thousand
years. Our yet-unwritten future could last for millions more — or it could
end tomorrow. Astonishing numbers of people could lead lives of great
happiness or unimaginable suffering, or never live at all, depending on
what we choose to do today. In What We Owe The Future, philosopher
William MacAskill argues for longtermism, that idea that positively
influencing the distant future is a key moral priority of our time. From
this perspective, it’s not enough to reverse climate change or avert the
next pandemic. We must ensure that civilization would rebound if it
collapsed; counter the end of moral progress; and prepare for a planet
where the smartest beings are digital, not human. If we make wise choices
today, our grandchildren’s grandchildren will thrive, knowing we did
everything we could to give them a world full of justice, hope and beauty. Read more

For You When I Am Gone: Twelve Essential Questions to Tell a Life Story

New York Times and Los Angeles Times bestseller!From the bestselling
author of The Beauty of What Remains, a guide to writing a meaningful
letter about your life.Writing an ethical will, a document that includes
stories and reflections about your past, is an ancient tradition. It can
include joy and regrets, and ultimately becomes both a way to remember a
loved one who is gone and a primer on how to live a better, happier
life. Beloved Rabbi Steve Leder has helped thousands of people to write
their own ethical wills, and in this intimate book helps us write our
own.Because our culture privileges the material over the spiritual, we
sometimes forget that our words carry greater value than any physical thing
we can bequeath to our loved ones. Rabbi Leder provides all the right
questions and prompts, including: What was your most painful regret and how
can your loved ones avoid repeating it? When was a time you led with your
heart instead of your head? What did you learn from your biggest
failure?Including examples of ethical wills from a broad range of
voices—old and young, with and without children, famous and unknown—For You
When I Am Gone inspires readers to examine their own lives and turn them
into something beautiful and meaningful for generations to come. Read more

Epic Life: How to Build Collaborative Global Companies While Putting Your Loved Ones First

Justin Breen considers himself a results guy; he’s great at making things
happen, but not so great at generating awesome ideas. But that hasn’t
stopped him from creating an epic business and life!What Breen lacks in
idea generation, he makes up for in his ability to recognize when an
amazing idea is presented to him. The concepts that rule his life and
success evolved from conversations with innovators.Learn the thirty
transformational ideas Breen has gathered from some of the world’s top
business leaders. Each idea’s chapter concludes with simplified takeaways
to help you think and take action to incorporate them into your own
business and life.The author of international bestseller Epic Business is
back with Epic Life. This sequel details how the ideas within led Breen to
create and build two successful global companies—all while spending more
time with his friends and family.Start your journey to creating your epic
life today! Read more

Unsheltered Love: Homelessness, Hunger and Hope in a City under Siege

A story about hope and how every one of us can make a
difference.Unsheltered Love is a first-hand reported account of how the
pandemic greatly exacerbated an already dire homelessness situation in New
York City. In March 2020, the usually crowded streets of Midtown Manhattan
were empty, stores were closing, people were afraid to go out. But homeless
people were still on the streets, cold and very hungry, and much less able
to panhandle in the deserted city. Unable to ignore their suffering, the
author and her husband started walking the empty streets in their
neighborhood, handing out food to the men and women they met. As they
showed up, trust replaced the fear and suspicion that had existed within
them, as well as within the homeless people they befriended. They listened
as the homeless revealed their daily struggles living on the streets, as
well as the details that had led to their homelessness. Unsheltered Love
also provides an in depth look at one of the ten characters in the story—a
homeless woman named Maggie Wright who adds her perspective to the
narrative. Following each chapter is a journal entry written by Maggie—her
viewpoint of the same events in the story, as well as an inside look at her
personal journey into homelessness and her rise out of it. Her entries
provide a look into the psychology of homelessness, what can lead a person
to this fate, and more importantly, bind them to it. Read more

We Never Die: Secrets of the Afterlife

From America’s top psychic medium and the author of When Heaven Calls
comes a new book that unveils the secrets of the afterlife, the truth about
heaven, and why we never truly die.Psychic medium Matt Fraser, author of
When Heaven Calls, is back to unpack the number one question folks ask him:
“What happens after death?” Although we might expect a complicated answer,
it’s actually pretty simple: We never die! Drawing from thousands of
conversations with Spirit, Matt pulls back the curtain on life’s hidden
revelations: -What happens when we cross over -The beautiful realities of
heaven and eternal life -The guardian angels who keep us safe on Earth
(including our pets who have passed) -The role of dreams and how souls
appear to the living -Love, romance, and soul mates beyond life -Ghosts,
hauntings, negative souls, energy vampires, and psychic protection
-Destiny, free will, and second chances -Regrets, amends, and forgiveness
from heaven -Figuring out your gifts and purpose -Karma, kindness, and
living in the divine flow -How to recognize the signs and messages our
loved ones send us from heaven As Matt explains, “We all have our own
‘phone line’ to communicate with heaven. All we have to do is figure out
how to use it.” Revealed through never-before-told stories and Matt’s
conversations with the dearly departed, the wisdom in We Never Die is
perfect for anyone seeking uplifting answers about life’s biggest
questions. Discover the healing and fulfillment that await us and our loved
ones in the afterlife—plus how these truths can bring us comfort, meaning,
and guidance in our earthly lives. Read more

Soul Taken (A Mercy Thompson Novel)

Mercy Thompson, car mechanic and shapeshifter, must face her greatest
fears in this chilling entry in the #1 New York Times bestselling
series.The vampire Wulfe is missing. Since he’s deadly, possibly insane,
and his current idea of “fun” is stalking me, some may see it as no great
loss. But, warned that his disappearance might bring down the carefully
constructed alliances that keep our pack safe, my mate and I must find
Wulfe—and hope he’s still alive. As alive as a vampire can be, anyway.
But Wulfe isn’t the only one who has disappeared. And now there are bodies,
too. Has the Harvester returned to the Tri-Cities, reaping souls with his
cursed sickle? Or is he just a character from a B horror movie and our
enemy is someone else? The farther I follow Wulfe’s trail, the more
twisted—and darker—the path becomes. I need to figure out what’s going on
before the next body on the ground is mine. Read more

Love on the Brain

A #1 LibraryReads and Indie Next Pick!From the New York Times bestselling
author of The Love Hypothesis comes a new STEMinist rom-com in which a
scientist is forced to work on a project with her nemesis—with explosive
results.Like an avenging, purple-haired Jedi bringing balance to the
mansplained universe, Bee Königswasser lives by a simple code: What would
Marie Curie do? If NASA offered her the lead on a neuroengineering
project—a literal dream come true after years scraping by on the crumbs of
academia—Marie would accept without hesitation. Duh. But the mother of
modern physics never had to co-lead with Levi Ward. Sure, Levi is
attractive in a tall, dark, and piercing-eyes kind of way. And sure, he
caught her in his powerfully corded arms like a romance novel hero when she
accidentally damseled in distress on her first day in the lab. But Levi
made his feelings toward Bee very clear in grad school—archenemies work
best employed in their own galaxies far, far away. Now, her equipment is
missing, the staff is ignoring her, and Bee finds her floundering career in
somewhat of a pickle. Perhaps it’s her occipital cortex playing tricks on
her, but Bee could swear she can see Levi softening into an ally, backing
her plays, seconding her ideas…devouring her with those eyes. And the
possibilities have all her neurons firing. But when it comes time to
actually make a move and put her heart on the line, there’s only one
question that matters: What will Bee Königswasser do? Read more

The Return: Trump’s Big 2024 Comeback

BET HE WILL.Will he be the GOP nominee? ABSOLUTELY.Will he win the
election? YES!DICK MORRIS – New York Times bestselling author, winning
presidential strategist & the man Time magazine dubbed “the most
influential private citizen in America” – lays-out Trump’s secret plan to
return to power in 2024. His new book: THE RETURN: TRUMP’S BIG 2024
COMEBACK. Since 2016 Dick Morris has been a behind-the-scenes adviser to
Donald Trump. Dick played a key role in Trump’s surprise 2016 win. Dick
Morris reveals first time President Trump’s strategy to win in 2024. And
yes, he’s running!Dick Morris says the stakes of the next elections could
not be higher. “President Trump knows the future of America rests on his
shoulders,” Morris says bluntly.In his new bestseller THE RETURN Morris
explains that we cannot repeat 2020—and we can’t let the Democrats get away
with it again or America is lost.Dick Morris provides the road map that
Trump is prepared to implement in his effort to take-back the White House
and the nation. It’s all in THE RETURN. Conservatives and MAGA supporters
must realize that there are new rules. The Democrats, Big Media, Soros, and
the Deep State have decided Trump must be stopped at any cost.In THE
RETURN Morris reveals how to beat the Democrats and the radical left at
their own game – and getting freedom-loving Americans to rise up for Trump
and our democracy.Morris outlines the strategy for victory on three
fronts:MAKE CERTAIN(!) more legal, eligible voters cast ballots for
Republicans, and that their votes are not offset by a torrent of illegal
ballots. Morris says a new group of Trump voters are emerging who will
create a New Majority.The Republican candidate in 2024 will be, AND MUST
BE, Donald J. Trump. Accept no substitutes. DeSantis is not ready for prime
time. Morris explains why.THE WINNING (TRUMP) MESSAGE: The Democrats will
transform America into a nation none of us will recognize by destroying
social, cultural, economic, and political freedoms. Morris says time is
short. This election really is critical.With the election of 2020,
everything pundits knew—or thought they knew—is obsolete in this new era of
massively higher turnout. Read THE RETURN to find out how conservatives can
take advantage of the new rules to make America great again! Read more

The Time Paradox: The New Psychology of Time That Will Change Your Life

Now in paperback, this breakthrough book on the new psychological science
of time by one of the most influential living psychologists—the New York
Times bestselling author of The Lucifer Effect—and his research partner
launched on the front page of USA TODAY “Lifestyle” with a Time Survey and
on CBS Morning Show. This is the first paradox of time: Your attitudes
toward time have a profound impact on your life and world, yet you seldom
recognize it. Our goal is to help you reclaim yesterday, enjoy today, and
master tomorrow with new ways of seeing and working with your past,
present, and future. Just as Howard Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences
permanently altered our understanding of intelligence and Malcolm
Gladwell’s Blink gave us an appreciation for the adaptive unconscious,
Philip Zimbardo and John Boyd’s new book changes the way we think about and
experience time. It will give you new insights into how family conflicts
can be resolved by ways to enhance your sexuality and sensuality, and
mindsets for becoming more successful in business and happier in your life.
Based on the latest psychological research, The Time Paradox is both a “big
think” guide for living in the twenty-first century and one of those rare
self-help books that really does have the power to improve lives. Read more

The Satanic Verses

#1 NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER • “[A] torrent of endlessly inventive prose,
by turns comic and enraged, embracing life in all its contradictions. In
this spectacular novel, verbal pyrotechnics barely outshine its
psychological truths.”—NewsdayWinner of the Whitbread PrizeOne of the most
controversial and acclaimed novels ever written, The Satanic Verses is
Salman Rushdie’s best-known and most galvanizing book. Set in a modern
world filled with both mayhem and miracles, the story begins with a bang:
the terrorist bombing of a London-bound jet in midflight. Two Indian actors
of opposing sensibilities fall to earth, transformed into living symbols of
what is angelic and evil. This is just the initial act in a magnificent
odyssey that seamlessly merges the actual with the imagined. A book whose
importance is eclipsed only by its quality, The Satanic Verses is a key
work of our times.Praise for The Satanic Verses“Rushdie is a storyteller of
prodigious powers, able to conjure up whole geographies, causalities,
climates, creatures, customs, out of thin air.”—The New York Times Book
Review“Exhilarating, populous, loquacious, sometimes hilarious,
extraordinary . . . a roller-coaster ride over a vast landscape of the
imagination.”—The Guardian (London)“A novel of metamorphoses, hauntings,
memories, hallucinations, revelations, advertising jingles, and jokes.
Rushdie has the power of description, and we succumb.”—The Times (London) Read more

Pen Pal

The first letter arrived the day my husband was buried. It was postmarked
from the state penitentiary, and contained a single sentence:I’ll wait
forever if I have to.It was signed by Dante, a man I didn’t know.Out of
simple curiosity, I wrote back to ask him what exactly he was waiting for.
His reply?You.I told the mystery man he had the wrong girl. He said he
didn’t. I said we’d never met, but he said I was wrong.We went back and
forth, exchanging letters every week that grew increasingly more intimate.
Then one day, the letters stopped. When I found out why, it was already too
late.Dante was at my doorstep.And nothing on earth could have prepared me
for what happened next. Read more

Royally Not Ready

From USA Today and Amazon Charts bestselling author Meghan Quinn, comes a
fresh take on a royal romance with a twist. Laugh out loud funny and full
of some of her steamiest scenes yet, Quinn takes you on an unexpected,
sizzling fairytale journey. So there I was selling bikinis out of my truck
in South Beach Miami, getting ready to kick off a wet t-shirt contest when
the world’s biggest grouch approached me – Keller Fitzwilliam.The man had
the sultriest British accent I’ve ever heard. And he looked like he just
walked off a Viking boat and into a suit tailored specifically for his
impressively muscular frame. Only problem is, he had the warmth of an ice
pick and he kept telling me he was here to take me back to his home
country.Of course, I didn’t follow him. I might be up for a good time, but
I’m also educated enough to know leaving with a stranger isn’t smart. Well,
that’s until he mentioned my mom’s name. My mom who passed away several
years ago. So after some serious fact-checking, my bikini-clad bum went
with him to a sub-arctic country I had never heard of just north of the
British Isles, where I found out my grandpa was the king of said freezing
country, and I was the one and only heir.Desperate to learn more about my
mom, I decided to give this princess thing a chance.Good idea, right?
Wrong.Because Mr. Ice Pick was put to the task of training me and he’s not
just cold as ice, he’s pompous, aggravating, and possessive. And did I
mention we have to share a bathroom in a tiny castle?We are oil and water
every single day and even though he’s training me to be queen, I have this
simmering desire to kneel before him. Read more

Defiance of the Fall 6: A LitRPG Adventure

The Lich King Adriel is gone and Earth has avoided being drowned in deadly
Miasma. Yet an even greater dangers lurks in the dark, and Zac is running
against the clock. The Great Redeemer bears down on their planet, guided by
Void’s Disciple and his children.Everything points toward the mysterious
base built by the Technocrats. That’s where the Dominators are hiding, and
even the remaining invaders have set their sights on the powerful treasure
within.And it might even be the key to solve the mystery of Zac’s
background.Book 6 of the hit Defiance of the Fall LitRPG series. Grab your
copy today!About the Series: Jump into a story that merges Apocalyptic
LitRPG elements with eastern cultivation. Class systems, skill systems,
endless choices for progression, it has everything fans of the genre love.
Explore a vast universe full of mystery, adventure, danger and even aliens;
where even a random passer-by might hold the power of a god. Follow Zac as
he struggles to stake out a unique path to power as a mortal in a world
full of cultivators. Read more

Swamp Spirits (Miss Fortune Mysteries)

Ghost of a chance?Fortune is thrilled when Ben Harrison, her former CIA
partner, and his fiancée, Cassidy, decide to leave DC and move to the
Louisiana bayous. They’ve already secured jobs and are only lacking a place
to live, so everyone is excited when they quickly find a home. There’s only
one problem—the house has a reputation. It’s haunted.Fortune doesn’t
believe in ghosts, but when Cassidy starts seeing a woman in white inside
her house and can’t determine how she’s entering or exiting, Fortune knows
she’s got to figure out what’s going on before things get worse. As Swamp
Team 3 takes on the “spirited” case, they dive into a decades-old mystery
of love, money, voodoo curses, and a missing woman. But can they get
answers before Ben and Cassidy give up the ghost and go back to DC? Read more

All Good People Here: A Novel (Random House Large Print)

In the propulsive debut novel from the host of the #1 true crime podcast
Crime Junkie, a journalist uncovers her hometown’s dark secrets when she
becomes obsessed with the unsolved murder of her childhood neighbor—and the
disappearance of another girl twenty years later. You can’t ever know for
sure what happens behind closed doors.Everyone from Wakarusa, Indiana,
remembers the infamous case of January Jacobs, who was discovered in a
ditch hours after her family awoke to find her gone. Margot Davies was six
at the time, the same age as January—and they were next-door neighbors. In
the twenty years since, Margot has grown up, moved away, and become a
big-city journalist. But she’s always been haunted by the feeling that it
could’ve been her. And the worst part is, January’s killer has never been
brought to justice.When Margot returns home to help care for her uncle
after he is diagnosed with early-onset dementia, she feels like she’s
walked into a time capsule. Wakarusa is exactly how she remembers—genial,
stifled, secretive. Then news breaks about five-year-old Natalie Clark from
the next town over, who’s gone missing under circumstances eerily similar
to January’s. With all the old feelings rushing back, Margot vows to find
Natalie and to solve January’s murder once and for all.But the police,
Natalie’s family, the townspeople—they all seem to be hiding something. And
the deeper Margot digs into Natalie’s disappearance, the more resistance
she encounters, and the colder January’s case feels. Could January’s killer
still be out there? Is it the same person who took Natalie? And what will
it cost to finally discover what truly happened that night twenty years
ago?Twisty, chilling, and intense, All Good People Here is a searing tale
that asks: What are your neighbors capable of when they think no one is
watching? Read more

Heat 2: A Novel

Instant #1 New York Times Bestseller!Michael Mann,
four-time-Oscar-nominated writer-director of The Last of the Mohicans, The
Insider, Ali, Miami Vice, Collateral, and Heat teams up with Edgar
Award–winning author Meg Gardiner to deliver Mann’s first novel, an
explosive return to the universe and characters of his classic crime
film—with an all-new story unfolding in the years before and after the
iconic movie“Heat 2 is now one of my favorite suspense novels. . . . I’m
already quoting lines from Heat 2 to my writer friends (shamelessly saying
the lines are mine).” – James PattersonOne day after the end of Heat, Chris
Shiherlis (Val Kilmer) is holed up in Koreatown, wounded, half delirious,
and desperately trying to escape LA. Hunting him is LAPD detective Vincent
Hanna (Al Pacino). Hours earlier, Hanna killed Shiherlis’s brother in arms
Neil McCauley (De Niro) in a gunfight under the strobe lights at the foot
of an LAX runway. Now Hanna’s determined to capture or kill Shiherlis, the
last survivor of McCauley’s crew, before he ghosts out of the city.In 1988,
seven years earlier, McCauley, Shiherlis, and their highline crew are
taking scores on the West Coast, the US-Mexican border, and now in Chicago.
Driven, daring, they’re pulling in money and living vivid lives. And
Chicago homicide detective Vincent Hanna—a man unreconciled with his
history—is following his calling, the pursuit of armed and dangerous men
into the dark and wild places, hunting an ultraviolent gang of home
invaders.Meanwhile, the fallout from McCauley’s scores and Hanna’s pursuit
cause unexpected repercussions in a parallel narrative, driving through the
years following Heat.Heat 2 projects its dimensional and richly drawn men
and women into whole new worlds—from the inner sanctums of rival crime
syndicates in a South American free-trade zone to transnational criminal
enterprises in Southeast Asia. The novel brings you intimately into these
lives. In Michael Mann’s Heat universe, they will confront new adversaries
in lethal circumstances beyond all boundaries.Heat 2 is engrossing, moving,
and tragic—a masterpiece of crime fiction with the same extraordinary
ambitions, scope, and rich characterizations as the epic film. Read more

America, a Redemption Story: Choosing Hope, Creating Unity

The American Dream isn’t a thing of the past, but a miracle of the
present.Now more than ever it’s easy to focus on the divisions that plague
our nation. It may seem as if our best days are behind us, but bestselling
author and senator Tim Scott believes we have yet to realize the fullness
of our identity. We are in the midst of a story that’s still unfolding. And
beautiful opportunities await.In this powerful memoir, Scott recounts
formative events of his life alongside the inspiring stories of other
Americans who have risen above hardship and embodied the values that make
our nation great. Together these personal and inspirational accounts call
readers to embracethe mountaintops as well as the valleys on the journey to
a more perfect union;a path marked by optimism, hope, and resolve; anda
future characterized by endurance, unity, and strength.Both a clear-eyed
reckoning with our nation’s failures and an ode to its accomplishments,
America, a Redemption Story issues a clarion call for all of us to rise
courageously to the greatness within our reach. Read more

The Great Reset: And the War for the World

In The Great Reset: And the War for the World, the most controversial man
on earth Alex Jones gives you a full analysis of The Great Reset, the
global elite’s international conspiracy to enslave humanity and all life on
the planet. If you really want to know what’s happening in the world, this
is the one book you must read now. Alex Jones is the most censored man on
the planet and you should ask yourself why that is. There is a powerful
authoritarian takeover in process that is seeking to capture the entire
human system and turn it into an artificial factory farm controlled system.
We are in a war for the future of the world. In this book, you will hear
from the world’s elites, from their own mouths, what they are planning for
you and your families and you will learn what you can do to fight it.From
central bankers, corporate billionaires, and corrupted government
officials, global elites have been organizing a historic war on humanity
under a trans-humanist, scientific dictatorship. Alex Jones was the first
major figure to expose the World Economic Forum’s agenda. He has dedicated
the last 30 years of his life to studying The Great Reset, conducting tens
of thousands of interviews with top-level scientists, politicians, and
military officials in order to reverse engineer their secrets and help
awaken humanity. The Great Reset: And the War for the World chronicles the
history of the global elites’ rise to power and reveals how they’ve
captured the governments of the world and financed The Great Reset to pave
the way for The New World Order. Once dubbed a conspiracy theory, but now
openly promoted by the most powerful corporations and governments, The
Great Reset is a planned attempt to redistribute all the world’s wealth and
power into the hands of banks, corporations, billionaires, and The World
Economic Forum. If you read one book in a lifetime, this is it. In The
Great Reset: And the War for the World, you will discover from the
self-appointed controllers of the planet in their own words, their plan for
what they call the final revolution, or The Great Reset. The only way this
corporate fascist conspiracy can succeed is if the people of the world are
not aware of it. And this book lays out their sinister blueprint and how to
stop it. While many great books have been written to help awaken people to
this sinister agenda, no author has ever spent as much time and research on
The Great Reset as Alex Jones. The Great Reset: And the War for the
World is the undisputed trailblazer for understanding what’s happening and
how to stop it. Read more

The Extended Mind: The Power of Thinking Outside the Brain

A bold new book reveals how we can tap the intelligence that exists beyond
our brains—in our bodies, our surroundings, and our relationships.Use your
head.That’s what we tell ourselves when facing a tricky problem or a
difficult project. But a growing body of research indicates that we’ve got
it exactly backwards. What we need to do, says acclaimed science writer
Annie Murphy Paul, is think outside the brain. A host of “extra-neural”
resources—the feelings and movements of our bodies, the physical spaces in
which we learn and work, and the minds of those around us—can help us focus
more intently, comprehend more deeply, and create more imaginatively.The
Extended Mind outlines the research behind this exciting new vision of
human ability, exploring the findings of neuroscientists, cognitive
scientists, and psychologists, and examining the practices of educators,
managers, and leaders who are already reaping the benefits of thinking
outside the brain. She excavates the untold history of how artists,
scientists, and authors—from Jackson Pollock to Jonas Salk to Robert
Caro—have used mental extensions to solve problems, make discoveries, and
create new works. In the tradition of Howard Gardner’s Frames of Mind or
Daniel Goleman’s Emotional Intelligence, The Extended Mind offers a
dramatic new view of how our minds work, with practical advice on how we
can all think better. Read more

The Divider: Trump in the White House, 2017-2021

The inside story of the four years when Donald Trump went to war with
Washington, from the chaotic beginning to the violent finale, told by
revered journalists Peter Baker of The New York Times and Susan Glasser of
The New Yorker—an ambitious and lasting history of the full Trump
presidency that also contains dozens of exclusive scoops and stories from
behind the scenes in the White House, from the absurd to the deadly
serious.The bestselling authors of The Man Who Ran Washington argue that
Trump was not just lurching from one controversy to another; he was
learning to be more like the foreign autocrats he admired. The Divider
brings us into the Oval Office for countless scenes both tense and comical,
revealing how close we got to nuclear war with North Korea, which cabinet
members had a resignation pact, whether Trump asked Japan’s prime minister
to nominate him for a Nobel Prize and much more. The book also explores the
moral choices confronting those around Trump—how they justified working for
a man they considered unfit for office, and where they drew their lines.The
Divider is based on unprecedented access to key players, from President
Trump himself to cabinet officers, military generals, close advisers, Trump
family members, congressional leaders, foreign officials and others, some
of whom have never told their story until now. Read more