sunayan Sharma



Bharatpur’s Keoldeo National Park, a World Heritage site , is basically a bird’s paradise with several species of birds, resident and migratory, in different colours and sizes but every single plant and animal found here deserves full credit for adding to its grandeur.
This book, authored by me has been recently published by the country’s renowned publisher, Niyogi Books, Delhi. It is adorned with several mesmerizing pictures of various wild creatures and nature.
Apart from the author most of the pics have been taken by Navin Sharma, a prize winning nature photojournalist, Abrar Khan alias Bholu, Nayan Khanolkar—all big names in the field of ornithology and Ansar-Chhote Khan duo,great birders.

This book, right from the Overview itself, is an interesting read. The comprehensive details given in the book about the complex ecology of the wetland provide deep knowledge of the ecosystem of the park. Each chapter of this book is informative describing the beauty of park and its inmates in
detail and gives a new perspective to the problems of the park.
Thus the book was born, rightly split in three parts i.e. Past Glory(Nature’s Playground), Debacle and Remaking. Buffalo grazing, which was stopped in Keoladeo after it became a national park,has been a point of controversy since then among ecologists, wildlifers and the park management.
The book will inspire you to visit this park or , perhaps, plan yet another visit.