Talha Sahil



Lisa Berk has her last year’s project and she is studying in mass media and communication. For project, she requires a story on which she wants to make a movie. For that calls to her only Rebecca Charles and gives her only the name and address. She said that Lisa has to go to India to find the story. After discussing with her mom, Lisa is ready to go. She reaches to India at the given address but everyone behaves strangely from the village she asks them about Guru.
A day she does meet Khushi and she introduces her to Guru’s mom. Initially, his mom also doesn’t want to share the story but she says it will help her to release Guru out of the jail. She then goes to the jail with his mom and meets to Guru. Guru gives her a handwritten book based on him, written by his friend Ameer Alam. This book includes his journey as a Rangrez from India, Toronto, and back to India.
Guru after being Rangrez did not handle the success and for the intoxication of art, he consumes the maximum amount of liquor and loses everything. Ruby is his manager and she tries to get back him but it doesn’t t happen. An incident in his life opens his eyes and due to over-enthusiasm and sadness, he reaches to the jail.
Lisa writes a script on the story she has found in India and makes the movie based on it with the help of her friends. She also has dreams and this movie completes her dreams. Then after she reminds her promise to his mom. Then she did several things to get him back from the prison. Finally, Gu