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Someone once said that you have 72 hours to find a missing person with a beating pulse. What if you only had 12? Meet JONAH BADMUS. 6 ft 5, 250 pounds. A loner who is no stranger to physical confrontation. Gifted in the art of self-defence, it’s been ten years since the big man was last met with the threat of violence. That’s just about to change.


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  • Reviews from Amazon!

    1. This book is an excellent read. Its style is fluid and engaging peppered with a grim dry sense of humour. Its fast frentic pace makes it a real page turner. You can read it anywhere; on the tube, in your lunchbreak or before bedtime. It is a classical revenge story with a modern and contemporary feel and numerous unexpected twists set in London and Nigeria. Its cinematic style envokes images from Film Noir in your head. Nuff said- check it out for yourself!

    2. It was an amazing story. Must read, recommended+++

    3. If you are looking for a easy escapism read, I recommend this book. The characters come alive quickly and the action is well paced keeping the reader engaged to the end.

    4.I read it in one sitting. I COULD NOT put it down. The plot is riveting and the characters are quite interesting and colorful.
    The beginning of the book paints a picture which kept me completely bound…a definite page-turner.
    I like to think of myself as a typical women fiction kind of reader and 12 hours does not fall into that category. It’s a thriller and I still could not put it down, so, I think no matter what kind of books you find interesting, it would appeal to you.
    L.I Owugah did a wonderful job. I look forward to reading more from the Jonah Badmus series.