2020 The year that tried to kill me
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The story narrates a critical year in the life of a 40-year-old man living in a remote farmer’s town on the border of Wales. Having lived in numerous countries and cities due to his father’s profession, he found solace only in one town which he called home.

This heart-wrenching tale encompasses his passionate struggle during the Global Pandemic as he fought for his life with a mysterious flu like illness which caused a collapsed lung, pneumonia and a fractured rib. The real deal was a brain hemorrhage caused by aneurysms which came circumstantially.

Nevertheless, the resilience that he had instilled in his soul brought him back to life. During this excruciating journey, he was pleased by the impactful role that the paramedics, doctors, and nurses had on him that motivated him to keep fighting for his life. Furthermore, the role of Walton Centre Hospital of Liverpool is worth praising during the havoc and upheaval caused by the freak events. The story is far from a pity party as the dark humour from the author’s cynical outlook on life is sure to keep you entertained throughout.


Genre Biography

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