Asleep (Drifting) Book One
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Asleep (Drifting) Book One opens with the question, what is drifting? Most of us drift through life without any thought. Drifting is being carried along by the force of circumstances. From the cradle to the grave—we’ve been told what to think, do, and believe. It answers the question—why do we feel so lost?
My story addresses the significant challenges of my early life, with friends that I still have to this day—as I recount the unbelievable real-life stories of that childhood, teenaged, young adult times, and the tragedies therein. As well as the traumatic childhood experiences—the excessive drinking, drug use I struggled through, terrible decision making––the overall sense of sorrow, and the redemptive qualities of hope!
I was born poor in a small town of Espanola, New Mexico, to an abusive mother—I have three siblings, which came from different fathers. At the age of six, I was uprooted from a small town in New Mexico to San Pedro, California, to a different world, having to adapt.
Through it all, I always had my dear grandmother and loving aunt, guiding light’s throughout my life. It was a source of comfort and sanity. I began to learn along the way how to forgive, overcome childhood neglect, give up drugs and alcohol and thus let go of all of life’s ‘unnecessary baggage’ I carried since I was small, ironically ushered me towards a fantastic re-birth!


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