Cure Yourself Naturally! Activate self healing powers of your body
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We never fall sick; we invite illness by defying the principles of Holistic Living on which the body functions. This “defiance” is not deliberate but because there is lack of awareness about how a human body maintains and heals itself naturally. This book is the manual for the human machine; needed by all to function optimally. It employs all healing methods, natural remedies, alternative therapies and alternative medicines to get full benefits from vegan food and healthy diet for weight loss and disease-free living. It guides you on how to turn your everyday food into natural supplements. It debunks myths on cholesterol, salt consumption, dairy products etc. It also acts as a guide to combat the effects of modern-day malaises like insecticides, pesticides, chemicals and pollution. The book CURE YOURSELF NATURALLY is a worthy companion to the author’s best-selling PERFECT HEALTH IN TWENTY WEEKS.


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  • This book is one of the best self-help books on health. I have read many books on health because I have keen interest in this domain and I can tell you with the guarantee that you won’t find such deep knowledge and authentic information elsewhere. Buy this book if you need authentic information on health.

    This book demystifies all the myths be it protein, fat or anything. I loved this work of art.

    I recommend this health book to everyone who ever has had any health issues and those too who wants to live a disease-free life.

    As the name suggests Cure Yourself Naturally – it has only natural remedies and dos and don’ts for day today life, the small things that make the big impact. It’s simple to follow in easy breezy language.