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In 1936, young Beverly Broy and her family relocated to Brussels, Belgium where her father was posted as American Consul. In 1941, all Americans were called back to the United States as World War II appeared to be on the verge of including America. In the time between, Bev, her brother Jim, and sister Anne, experienced loss, adventure, confusion, and change that forever shaped their future. Follow Bev, her siblings, and their young Belgian nanny on a journey, witness to countries at war and a family struggling to stay together.


Genre Non-Fiction

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    Peggy E. Futrell

    A Testament to the Durability of Childhood
    February 9, 2019
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    This delightful book tells a dramatic tale of a young girl’s family in the lead-up to WWII. As the youngest of three children of an American diplomat stationed in Brussels, young Beverly (Dearsie) and her two siblings enjoy childhood as a world around them implodes.
    With Germany invading one after another of neighboring nations, the family realizes its precarious position as Belgium, too, surrenders to Germany and the tight-knit family finds itself among the many refugees seeking safe haven away from their station, of which there are few.
    Despite homelessness and uncertainty, the three children refuse to surrender their playfulness and sense of adventure even while schooled in the sharp realities of a war that becomes the single focus of the adults in their lives.
    I loved the book! It never wavers from the youthful perspective of Beverly and her brother and sister — a true testament to the durability of childhood!