Every Frame is a Painting – A collection of Plays, Poems and Short Stories
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In this anthology, you will find plays, poems and short stories with genres of Comedy, Drama, Psychological, Social, War and Thriller. I have used some of the intriguing plot devices for short stories like Every Frame is a Painting and One Shot with a non-linear structure which keeps the plot moving and simultaneously two or three incidents happen to build up for the final moment of the story.
Every Frame is a Painting is a story where a wife goes through a loss after losing her husband and the inner turmoil of her breaks her mentally.
One Shot is a thriller which is broken into three parts – Assassination, Verdict and Execution. It explains the assassination of a leader with consequences faced by the protagonist who himself questions and understands that there is nothing good or bad and absolute power corrupts absolutely.
The Hand of Fate, The Insect Pendent and Leap of Faith stories are psychological drama where the protagonist expresses the guilt or their negative thought about society with a sudden twist of macabre feel.
Death of a Blackmailer and The Justifiable Probability falls in the thriller genre with its initial set-up, conflict and resolution and it is a fun read. I really want to extend the stories in a novella format.
I actually had a fun time while writing the plays as I love dialogues and which you will notice and relate in the plays like The Official Dilemma is about the current corporate culture how senior people treats the newcomers or The Communedy (Comm


Genre Literary Fiction

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