Extraordinary by Teddy konickson
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Charles is your ordinary nerd with no social circle or friends. In the middle of getting bullied by the
rowdy group in front of his crush, and being invisible, Charles found himself taking his last breaths. But
who would’ve thought that the looming danger on Hartsville will prevent his death and make him
mightier than ever…

With new superpowers, he is no ordinary boy and neither are his problems and responsibilities. He has to
prevent the apocalypse that is about to turn the earthly realms into ruins. However, he also knew that he
had a lot to lose in the process. Will Charles be able to let go of his love life, and desires to save the
world? Or would he fail to prevent the apocalypse just because he is too occupied by his miseries? Join
Charles journey as he transforms from an ordinary kid to the extraordinary man.


Genre Science Fiction/Fantasy

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