Follow Your Heart: Live, Eat, Be
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Arzu Dogan began writing to document her healing journey from an auto-immune illness. She learned, among other things, food was medicine, and she was not living her truth and her purpose. Dogan read self-help books, attended workshops, explored natural medicines and the power of organic food, and adopted mindfulness to “be” and have a more purposeful life. She learned about holistic health and how well-being – both mentally, spiritually, and physically – is all connected and when nurtured, one can live in true harmony with health and inner peace. In “Follow Your Heart”, Dogan tells what it means to follow your heart and tune into your intuition. This guide offers advice and tips on how you can live, eat, be your truest, healthiest, and highest self, beaming with love and light. Dogan’s story offers a true testament to how your heart is the key to expansion and transformation; you just have to follow it.


Genre Self help

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