For You When I Am Gone: Twelve Essential Questions to Tell a Life Story
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New York Times and Los Angeles Times bestseller!From the bestselling
author of The Beauty of What Remains, a guide to writing a meaningful
letter about your life.Writing an ethical will, a document that includes
stories and reflections about your past, is an ancient tradition. It can
include joy and regrets, and ultimately becomes both a way to remember a
loved one who is gone and a primer on how to live a better, happier
life. Beloved Rabbi Steve Leder has helped thousands of people to write
their own ethical wills, and in this intimate book helps us write our
own.Because our culture privileges the material over the spiritual, we
sometimes forget that our words carry greater value than any physical thing
we can bequeath to our loved ones. Rabbi Leder provides all the right
questions and prompts, including: What was your most painful regret and how
can your loved ones avoid repeating it? When was a time you led with your
heart instead of your head? What did you learn from your biggest
failure?Including examples of ethical wills from a broad range of
voices—old and young, with and without children, famous and unknown—For You
When I Am Gone inspires readers to examine their own lives and turn them
into something beautiful and meaningful for generations to come. Read more


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