Ghosts of a Coven Past: A Tale of Witchcraft, Spirits, Satanism, and Possession
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She comes to him, a succubus in the night: A powerful witch with a mission to bring the child of Satan into the world, she lies dead and buried under his 1885 row house in Allentown, Pennsylvania, held in place by a combination of hex and the spirit of the young woman she had impregnated.

When Roger Nimanator and his family take possession of the house, the old witch discerns in him an open door. She uses Roger to move in the world again, her spirit hungry for vengeance and for the coming of the Dark Lord. But Roger has awakened to his abilities and gained a powerful ally in a modern-day witch and healer. Together they are determined to put the old witch to rest for eternity.

But the witch is wily and she has found allies of her own—a legion of them. Including one of Roger’s twin boys.

A master of manipulation and deceit, with Satanic powers growing, the old witch is on the verge of bringing her vision to reality. All she has to do is feed Roger’s doubt. Then his soul—and the world—are hers and the Dark Lord’s for the taking.

★★★★★ Strongly characterized Supernatural Horror GHOSTS OF A COVEN PAST is a remarkably engrossing and superbly constructed Supernatural Horror offering featuring a creative premise and strong characterization throughout . Combining elements of Pagan, Christian, and Roman Catholic belief systems, the novel does contain some occasional avenues of Extreme Horror, as exemplifying the incursions of Evil into our world. Basically the overarching theme is Light vs. Darkness, but I found the overtone more Judeo-Christian and Dark Arts than Lovecraftian Cosmic Horror, but still a riveting read.— Goodreads Reader


Genre Horror

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