Gods of Athenia: Book of Souls
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Darkness has fallen across the galaxy of Athenia. A prophet has turned from his purpose, and the god-suns who tried to stop him succumbed to corruption and in-fighting. Now Vargon, an unchained demon made by a fallen god, rules with an iron fist and an army of elite warriors.
One hope remains. A desperate plan to save the galaxy from ruin.
At the prestigious Luthin Military Academy, four young soldiers find themselves drawn to each other. Lucas, a genius inventor. Jex, the best shot on the planet. Salara, an ace pilot. And Lorix, born with the impossible ability to create and control pulse energy—and the potential to achieve unlimited power.
More than chance has brought them together. The fate of Athenia is in their hands, and Vargon will stop at nothing to destroy them.


Genre Science Fiction/Fantasy

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