Gratitude Keeper® No Rain, No Water (Volume 1)
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Wisdom and Resilience in the Healing Art of Gratitude
Release yourself from the spiral effects of unfruitful thinking and unwanted emotions of the past.

I have shared proven strategies that will help you align your thoughts and feelings to overcome emotional fatigue and anxieties about life. Discover inner clarification and peace through inspiring affirmations, quotes, breath exercises, and meditations.

There are some experiences and stories from my journey on the gratitude path, interwoven with proven techniques to help you explore and develop coherence with your inner voice.

Practicing gratitude is made easy, it will create a massive transformation in your life and help you live a new normal.
Live Better!
I welcome you to take a peek into this exponential journey and the value of practicing gratitude.
Build confidence and relieve your fears and anxieties.


Genre Self help

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