He Who Fights with Monsters 6: A LitRPG Adventure
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The world teeters on the brink of destruction.The people who should be
saving the Earth ignore Jason Asano’s warnings and choose to loot the house
as it burns down around them. He lacks the strength to save the world
himself, but resolves to do it anyway, impossible be damned.The impossible,
in this case, means seizing a power that no mortal should touch. It’s a
choice from which there is no turning back, and marks Jason’s first step
into a wider cosmos that he is not yet ready to face.Holding the fate of
two worlds in his hands, Jason must decide for himself what home truly
means.Book 6 in the bestselling He Who Fights With Monsters Series is here.
Grab your copy today!About the series: Experience an isekai culture clash
as a laid-back Australian finds himself in a very serious world. See him
gain suspiciously evil powers through a unique progression system combining
cultivation and traditional LitRPG elements. Enjoy a weak-to-strong story
with a main character who earns his power without overshadowing everyone
around him, with plenty of loot, adventurers, gods and magic. Rich
characters and world-building offer humor, political intrigue and
slice-of-life elements alongside lots of monster fighting and adventure. Read more


Genre Science Fiction/Fantasy

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