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I was wondering if you could promote a book that I have just had published. Our dad wrote the book in the fifties and it was found after he passed away. Due to the unrest times, I feel this would be a great book to promote.
The name of the book is “I PASS AS WHITE” by William “Tex” Pointer. My dad was African American. Back then, he was what was known as a “white skinned Negro”. The book portrays his life, segregation and many statistics from the times. Through his life, at one point, he decided that he just wanted the opportunities that others had. He decided to pass as white. But, he vowed to strike a match for the Negro at every opportunity that he could. He never gave up on his race. He met my mom on leave from the Navy in Boston, married, moved to the suburbs, had children and went on to pass as white throughout his life. Below is the back cover for a quick overview.

This book was written in the 1950’s by our dad. The manuscript was found after he passed away. This is his story of what hate, ignorance, poverty and racism can do to a nation. What if you could change the direction of your life? Would you have the strength to make the sacrifices to get there? Bill Pointer had that strength. In these pages, you will see the price he paid for security and happiness. His life started out like most people. There was mom, dad, friends, school, several jobs, and the ambition to get ahead. But that is where the similarity ends. Bill’s journey through life was full of pain and mis


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