Kailashh – Mysteries unfolding
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Shakti, is in a phase of her life trying to find clarity and discover who she is, standing on the edge and wondering where life would take her.

In Rishikesh, she meets Thapas, an American business man in search of a chosen one. Together they embark on a difficult journey to discover the road map to Kailash, with the help of an ancient scroll written in an archaic Sanskrit-Avestan language, the linguistic origin of which traces back to 2nd millennium BC and her life takes a new turn.

Uncovering hidden truths and conspiracies, they go forward, but every secret has a price.

Hunted by unknown agents and Guided by an accomplished master, a Siddha and a wise Egyptian elder, in this journey for a great awakening of the collective consciousness!
The journey in the course of time, lead her to the Crown portal of the world – Mount Kailasa!

Mount Kailasa, the abode of the Great One, a link between heaven and earth and a link between this world and inter galactic space!” There Shakti is transported to a possible realm for Intergalactic connections, a thriving inner earth city and has an an enlightening experience, but not without sacrifices. Leading her merger with Shiva, the Mahakaal, the guardian of time and space.
By S T Selve Singh


Genre Religious/Inspirational

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