Keeping Minds
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What could trigger a chain of events that would take a couple of ordinary people on a dark, intricate journey that twists until the very suspenseful end? A lustful, late night skinny dip. A mysterious woman’s disappearance. A botched, messy robbery. An unsettling police interrogation. A cold-blooded murder …or all of the above, perhaps?

Anna Smith and Bern Andrews are best friends, even though Anna is a neurologist with expertise in memory loss and Bern is one of the patients she is studying. Bern lost all his memories due to a fire trauma and Anna is working with him on recovery. However, Anna has memory problems of her own that she refuses to recognize. Unlike Bern, she has vivid and intense memories of her childhood and of her parents, but her shyness, insecurity, and reclusive existence prevent her from experiencing any new events that could become new memories. It is only when her father’s best friend David Oxford is murdered that Anna steps out of her rigid life. David’s murder seems to involve a secret government program on memory engineering that Anna’s father had headed. Anna solicits Bern’s help in solving the mystery of David’s murder, and in doing so, discovers a mystery about herself that her father has kept secret all her life.

Keeping Minds is a compelling story about the good in people and the bad in people. A consuming story about people changing and people being forced to change. An intriguing story about how the human mind can impact your perception, of the entire world. A love story at heart, told with the brains of a mystery, guts of a thriller and the soul of a suspense saga, all carefully woven into one epic tale.

A sexy, sensual ride through the lives and minds of ordinary people being pushed into extraordinary circumstances. The story is an intense look at how the person you are, may only be what is in your memories…and in your mind.

Keeping Minds is a genre defying story that will pull you in and make you want to keep turning the pa


Genre Romance/Erotica

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