Key to Acceptance
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This book is a mixture of prose and poetry. Imagination is known to develop early. The world is seen differently when this phase of life begins. There is a mixture of emotions such as happiness, sadness, hatred, anger etc. dealing with these emotions is a tough task, and this book makes you experience it in the form of imagination of a teenager who in on the cusp of adulthood. the commotion in the head is put on paper and an attempt is made to identify the emotions,

The feelings of extreme happiness, normality and extreme sadness are expressed in words. This book opens a door that has been locked up for quite some time behind which there are two monsters of extreme happiness and sadness, which come out in search of normality. Laughter and tears are shown and messages are derived from them. Stepping up from childhood to teenage and surviving teenage life is a herculean task. Imaginary prose and poetry are the contents of this book which will give you the experience of reading a teenager’s mind.

I am now 25 years old working for an insurance company. My passion for writing began when I won a global essay award in 2015 when I shared my father’s cancer survival story. This is my first book which I wrote after recognizing my talent.

I had a difficult teenage life, and with that experience she takes up various topics and relates them to life and talks about them.


Genre Teen & Young Adult

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