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Writer’s Voice: The ‘Motto’ behind writing “Maa”

This story, “Maa” is written, based on the events that happen around me, around you and so around us. This is the story of every Indian woman. This is very special and close to my heart. Because, this is my anguish, anguish for so many days. Actually, this is the Anguish of every Indian Mother (woman). “Maa” represents all the mothers and the pain of all the mothers (women) of India.

So, I’m writing this for a greater cause but not for applause. This is written based on my real-life observations and some true incidents which we all knew. Therefore, I strongly decided that this has to be written and this has to be told to the masses. And this should reach each and every Indian.

So, my dear friends, unite today and spread the word, the word of “Maa” up to the maximum.

This “Maa” is dedicated to all the mothers of India!

With Love,
Your Hemanth Karicharla,
S/O Venkata Lakshmi Saroja.


Genre Literary Fiction

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