Make It Count: Ensuring When Life Expires Your Legacy Lives On
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Hunter Ballew’s new book, Make It Count, came about after a serious and
unfortunate incident. After serving in the US Marine Corps for six years,
Hunter Ballew accepted the challenge of being a full-time Firefighter and
EMT (Emergency Medical Technician). He was working during off-duty hours on
becoming an entrepreneur when it happened — his firefighter partner and
best friend, Jordan, was killed in a car crash during off-duty time. The
incident struck Hunter deeply, as he realized that Jordan didn’t get his
chance to make his mark on the world, to establish his own personal legacy
of doing good. So that’s when Hunter decided to use a dominating principle
in his new book: teach others how to establish their personal legacies of
achievements as they go along learning from Ballew how to train millions to
help and to train the billions who are struggling in misery. With Make It
Count, Hunter Ballew empowers high-performing business owners, aspiring
entrepreneurs, and many others to fully realize their leadership potential
and secure their legacies. Read more


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