Marley’s Memoir: The Journey to an Irreversible action and the Aftermath
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When Marley’s mum gave birth to him in 2002, she had a lot of ambitions for her second son. A cutie from a baby with promising artistic talent, she never imagined that he would struggle with social anxiety to the extent that it would change him from a fun-loving son to someone almost unrecognisable in character and personality.
In Marley’s Memoir: The Journey to an Irreversible Action and The Aftermath, Marley’s mum shares his struggles and the challenges he faced as he tried to deal with social anxiety. It also exposes the consequences of the action Marley took which had a life changing impact on the family.
You will get an insight into the struggles with social anxiety faced by a young person. “Sometimes I wonder how did I end up the way I am? That is, wanting friends but not having any or pushing away people who had tried to befriend me because they were not meeting the expectations in my head of what a friend should be like.” (Excerpt from Chapter Five.)


Genre Non-Fiction

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