Morrow’s Con – Opening Gambit
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A character like no other…
People call him Morrow. They aren’t sure if Morrow is his first name or last, and they don’t care. They call him when they’re in trouble. They call him when conventional methods don’t work. They call him when they need a solution that no one else can offer.
Morrow is a product of the streets.

At an early age, he learned to anticipate what people would do given a few choices. He became a self-educated student of human nature, and later in life, he became a con man. Morrow isn’t your normal hero. He’s barely six feet tall and he’s not muscle-bound. He’s not tougher or more experienced than his opposition. He’s just an average man who blends in and earns his living by out-planning and out-thinking his adversaries.

Morrow searches for situations that allow him to squeeze between two opposing forces. Then he picks one side to be his client and the other to be his mark. Now, after being tutored for years by a con mentor, he’s about ready to launch his first-ever full-fledged con. He knows his objective, he’s designed his plan, he’s selected his team, and he knows he’s ready to act.

It’s what he doesn’t know that could be his downfall.


Genre Crime/Mystery Books

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