Moving Forward: A Stickman’s Journey for Hope and Meaning
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In Moving Forward: A Stickman’s Journey for Hope and Meaning, Brig Sorber, one of the original movers (stickmen, if you will) of TWO MEN AND A TRUCK, the largest moving franchise is North America, gives hope to those who feel they do not have the pedigree, diploma, or energy to move forward.

Believing that wealth was the true key to happiness, Brig Sorber powered his way to financial success only to find it an empty and shapeless place. After a heavy bout of despair, Brig turned to his faith which had been shelved like a dusty old book. He sensed God asking him, “are you interested in a new approach?” Having nothing to lose, he gave his life to Christ and, in doing so, gave Him the business as well. Over time, Brig realized that he (like everyone) is greatly loved by God.

In Moving Forward, Brig gives us an inside look into his very average life as God unearths truth, knowledge, and lessons from a past full of hurt and pain. Drawing from biblical principles and past mistakes and hardships, Brig shows us that we can stop believing the lies others tell us—and the lies we tell ourselves—that we are not worthy or capable of a more meaningful life. Instead, we all have the ability to move forward and make something great of our lives—if we are willing to trust in God’s direction and use the specific talents he has given to each of us.


Genre Religious/Inspirational

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