Reaction-Based Self-Defense for Life and Death Situations
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In a street fight, a combat situation or even in competition, you don’t always have time to think. Therefore, you must also learn to react. This is the premise for reaction-based martial arts training. When presented with a life or death situation in which you fear for your safety or the safety of your loved ones, time is not a luxury and YOU are not the one who decides which technique or techniques you will use. Instead, it is your opponent who will dictate the technique or techniques you will you use by the energy and the way they present themselves to you. Also, no one technique will work on everyone. For instance, you can’t launch a reverse punch to the chin of someone whose chin towers 6 feet above you. However, you can use targets-of-opportunity that the opponent presents to you. Martial arts is a process and not an end. After earning my black belt, I knew that my journey had just begun, and that there was still so much more to learn. In this book you will learn about the importance of reacting and pressure points as well as chi, which is recognized in Chinese culture as the common energy of the cosmos as well as facing an opponent larger than yourself and learning how to amass the knowledge needed to give yourself the edge in critical situations and more.


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