Revenge : An Urban Fantasy (Book 2 of The Fae Awakening)
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“Will O’Shire, however, is a rare delight… someone with such a gift for description, it feels almost like a movie, where he transports you to his world and you are observing the action up close, enough detail to make you feel part of the story, but in such a concise way that you don’t lose interest or the thread of the story at ALL.” — Cathy, Amazon Review

After Kawa’s furious outburst at the Sidhe, Hunter awaits his appearance with the council in a dirt cell. Hunter will fight to keep his freedom or be sent to the Root Den. With orders to bring Kawa in dead or alive, Hunter gathers his team of friends and foes to track the elusive bigfoot.

Enlisting the help of a mysterious gargoyle, fierce ogre, and feisty brownie, will Hunter be able to find Kawa? Will Kawa destroy everything in his path, leaving a bloody trail behind? Or is there more to the story?

Revenge continues the action-packed events of Fury in the Urban Fantasy series The Fae Awakening. You’ll learn more about the team’s past, meet more enemies, and uncover clues behind the human and fae disappearances.

Begging the question, what is really going on?

“With an intriguing and suspenseful plot as well as wonderful characters and world building, this is a book that all fantasy fans will definitely enjoy.” — Reena, Amazon Review


Genre Science Fiction/Fantasy

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