Rich Blood (Jason Rich)
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Thrillers & Suspense
From Wall Street Journal bestselling author Robert Bailey comes a
compelling legal thriller about a lawyer who takes on his sister’s case―and
confronts small-town secrets and family skeletons.Attorney Jason Rich has
made a fortune off other people’s bad luck. His billboard slogan―“In an
accident? Get Rich!”―accosts motorists on highways from Alabama to Florida.
As ambulance chasers go, he’s exceptional.But after a recent divorce and a
stint in rehab, Jason has hit a rough patch. And things only get worse when
his sister, Jana, is accused of her husband’s murder. Even though Jason has
no experience trying criminal cases, Jana begs him to represent her.Jason
has mixed feelings about returning to Lake Guntersville, Alabama―and even
more reservations about diving back into his sister’s life. Between the
drugs, the affairs, and a tendency to gaslight everyone in her inner
circle, Jana has plenty of enemies in town.But did Jana hire someone to
kill her husband? Jason isn’t so sure. He heads back to his hometown to
unravel the truth and face off against opponents old and new. Read more


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