Sam the Stubborn Seed: Picture Book for 3 to 7 year Old Children About Asking For Help
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A beautifully illustrated picture book for children to learn about the value of asking help in a fun, non-judgemental way.
The book is suitable for 3 to 7 year olds.
Beautifully illustrated to help kids understand the importance of asking for help.
The illustrations are from an award-winning artist and make this the perfect gift for the little ones in your life.
The story is a light introduction to a lesson in life that most parents will be able to relate to, getting the help from an adult when situation demands it.
The lively story helps the little readers remember what they’ve learned.
Engaging texts come together with beautiful illustrations that will capture your child’s attention.
Sam is a little oval seed who looks up to all the things around him… from the beautiful butterflies, to the tall trees, to the sturdy rocks. Sam wants to be the most impressive flower the garden has ever seen!

The thing is, though, Same wants to do it all on his own. The butterflies fly, the tall trees rise, and the sturdy rocks sit all on their own… why should he ask for help?

Will Sam the seed succeed? Or will he be stuck a seed forever?


Genre Children

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