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When a sassy psychologist meets a gruff FBI agent, they team up to try and solve the worst serial murders in decades – but even with all their talent combined they may be outmatched.

Dr. Percy Shatter is the best forensic, behavioral, and clinical psychologist around, which probably says more about her than she ever could herself. She’s afraid of almost nothing in the real world, especially after personally interviewing just about every living serial killer and studying all the rest. She’s faced evil and come out the other side with knowledge, analysis, and a few scars. Plus she can drink anyone under the table.

Even though he’s a foot taller than her, Percy stands her ground with Riley Rankin, toe-to-toe, when she meets him. He’s in the Violent Crimes unit of the Criminal Investigative Division with the FBI, and he’s got a fantastic solve rate. He’s taken down monsters so terrifying their existence never made it into public knowledge. He’s a star Special Agent because he follows the rules as close to the letter as anyone can. That is…until he meets Percy, who pushes his buttons. Suddenly he misses his old murder scenes with just blood and not so many metaphors.

Together Dr. Percy Shatter and Special Agent Riley Rankin are forced into a partnership after several brutally mutilated bodies, resembling the work of a notorious serial killer, are found. More concerning, the dead victims are found states apart at the same time – meaning they’re searching for more than one copycat. The mimicked serial killer has been in prison for years, and he’s not helping whoever’s doing this, so Percy and Riley are left at a loss. In the incredible stress of the situation, both partners end up at each other’s throats. Percy tries to solve her woes at the bottom of a bottle and Riley shuts down. All the while, there are killers out there planning their next elaborate and violent murders.

Can Riley help Percy wrangle her inner demons long enough to chase down the psychotic followers


Genre Crime/Mystery Books

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