Sonnets to Live
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“Having thoroughly enjoyed reading these sonnets, I feel quite restored after experiencing live poetry”.

“From the very first sonnet, ‘Garden of Love’, I was instantly captivated by this book, which I read sonnet after sonnet, hoping they would never end”.

“For me, this book reveals how much poetry is missing in our lives, it must be difficult to write poetry at a time when we prefer to read novels and watch tv series, that is why I feel the need to tell others to enrich their time with these outstanding poems”.

“I think all the sonnets are truly admirable and my favourites are ‘Hymn’, ‘A Star’, ‘Discussions with the Driver’, ‘The fourth season’, ‘Never ending’,’ Pearls’, ‘The written path’ and ‘The Southern Cross’”.

“The ‘Sonnets to Live’ title of this book is in perfect accordance with the poet’s life, as he declares openly that poetry is his daily sustenance”.

“What I keep in store from this collection of sonnets is the outpouring of love and the adventure of walking in a forest of trees of all colours and forms, each one taking us into different poetic dimensions”.

“I would take this book to my desert island and read aloud every day the ones that impacted me most: ‘Birds’, ‘The only one’, ‘The fields of peace’, ‘Design’, ‘Ecstasy’, ‘The red one’, ‘She’, ‘Brother of the Sea’, ‘Rays’…”

“I am so impressed by these sonnets that I dare say even Shakespeare, who excelled in this poetic form, would confirm the high quality of the ‘Sonnets to Live’, covering so many instances of life with great artistry”.


Genre Non-Fiction

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